Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday

Guess what?
I have turned 20 :)
Well, there ain't much special things but seeing myself still healthy and alive are such a greatest gift i could never find anywhere.

I just did everything as usual: working, studying, doing homework.. And i had dinner with my boyfriend! :-)

My favorite dinner! Seems yummy, huh? :3

Wait! No our real pictures since we were already tired enough, and starving (/*o*)/ He did give me lovely presents. Not gonna tell ya what they are, teeheee :-P

Guess what's inside! :3

The only difference on my 20th birthday than before was on the family custom. Usually one of us buys a cake and makes special dinner if someone is having birthday anniversary. But no, unfortunately not this year. I always come home pretty late at night when my mom has fallen asleep, and my brother wakes up very early to go school when i still sleep.

It sounds busy, doesn't it? But you know la, the people in reality aren't as overacted as on drama on tv lol~ Mom understands my condition, my boyfriend can bear with it, and my dad worries me a lot even though her daughter is 20 now omg X'D

After the day, my mom bought donuts and i chose the purple one as my breakfast!

Nomnomnomnomnom (o ^3^)o
My dad also bought me shoes, i chose'em or he would give me black plastic boots =="

Oops, i didn't mean to show the label i'm sorry! >_<

I thank all of you who have remembered the day.
How is your 20th birthday?


  1. Well, I am glad you had a good birthday: nice gifts nice treats! That donut is beautiful and makes me hungry.


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