Saturday, November 8, 2014

What Happened in Two Months

So, hi.
*suddenly appear from the gloomy secret chamber*
*wave hands*

I am now typing in a rush, between the annoying work hour and the seconds of mid test preparation (which is sucks) and I want to blog again so bad but I just need more time to revise some drafts or editing the pictures. Well, some of my fellas asked where I have been, and I was like, "Trying to enjoy real life and deal with it, ya know."

Just in short ('cause I'm gonna publish the post about it separately, soon), I was travelling - of course out of the city with my dear family during Ramadhan month and I did a fun short trip in the end of college holiday. Weeks after, I joined my energetic partners in English Club for promoting our booth to the college freshmen. Then, I went back to "normal life cycle" until I've got to work on so many (wasting) assignments x'D Uuu yea, college. homework. books.


Anyway among all of these things, thank god I still could celebrate my 21st birthday with a numerous JCo donuts and lovely presents. In addition, we wouldn't let ourselves miss our 6 years anniversarry for being a four-eyed couple lol. We did have a great casual dinner. Thank you so much, love ♥

Leather bracelet for me, aww <3 td="">

It's been a long 6 years :D
We forgot to take the 'culinary' documentation LOL
The bad thing is, you know what, my phone doesn't work well as it is not supposed to be. Many pictures I took for this blog were just gone. Some contacts and data were disappeared too. So it really affects my work. In fact, I am an android user without many social medias and game applications. Besides, I also experienced an unordinary big bruise on my right calf which healed by itself. It somehow hurt a little bit when it got touched. Anyone of you have idea what was going on me?

The worst thing is, I just missed my October Halloween. Thank you, papers, I blame you. *cursing*
Again, apologize for this disappearing moment. I'm still working on my education stuff. With a little self-help and music therapy, will be back soon. :)

My last year Halloween, read here :3

Never too late, to Halloween we celebrate.

In the name of black roses,

Katarina Yuri.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary and happy belated birthday! It's never too late to celebrate Halloween, my decorations are still up lol. It sounds like you've been very busy, and that bruise looks painful! If you don't remember hurting your leg it's important to keep an eye on this, because it could mean you suffer from a vitamin deficiency or have an issue with your circulation, which is not good.
    Take good care of yourself!! :)

    1. Hello, ms. Ladyfair :) Thank you so much! You're right, Halloween is still up until Christmas I guess, hahah.. I even didn't have any space to type on my notebook, now I can because it is my vacation-after-mid-test week :D I swear I didn't hit by anything as long as I definitely remember. I ever once read on internet that it is caused by tiredness, and I think that's why. Again, thank you so much! :)


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