Sunday, March 22, 2015

Outfit Post #5 : CorpGoth in Action

Layering clothes is my way to dress besides wearing casual t-shirt, especially when I feel the temperature becomes colder. It is enough for me to combine two thin layers with a jacket, blazer or anything similar. Thick clothes would never work for me, since I live in tropical country. I will be sweating very heavy. Sun heat kills me.

Layering style for working

I choose my cotton victorian shirt as the base layer, then I add polyester tanktop for the mid layer, because I don't have any cardigan. It provides a good warmth!


More sexiness of details :3

I wear my blue jacket (the one I always wear here) as the outer layer, but it is for outdoor protection. It's unpictured xP

What I'm wearing:
Shirt - thrifted somewhere
Outer - thrifted somewhere
Skirt - Accent
Tights - Claire's
Shoes - thrifted somewhere