About Me

Welcome to the journal of Yuri, the living Corp Goth from Indonesia!

Hello there, I was born in the capital of Indonesia and started to grow up as a Corp Goth few years ago. Yes, I work in a corporation without sacrificing the sense of alternative fashion. I don't only work, I also continue my study in a Diploma Degree for English Program. Goths can be professional!

I live within the subculture as it comes from the internet. You ask anything about Gothic here, you'll get nothing but a white pallor face. Beside the pieces of Gothic Subculture, I love expressing myself mostly in fashion and beauty stuff. That's why this blog is actually recognized by my review of daily products to relieve my skin problem. Some say I'm lucky to have bright skin color, but it is very bad oily and acne-prone.

The reason I start blogging is to see if there is any Goth in each part of the world, and i'm willing to mix my own Goth style with Indonesian cultures. I write, because I don't really have friends to talk to, living like a nightingale in a golden cage, and I don't (want to) talk too much, so everyone can just read freely.

So why don't you just keep reading? :)

In the name of black roses,

Katarina Yuri

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