Sunday, June 26, 2016

Poem Post #7: Solacer Hunt - Collaboration with Indra Mustawan!

This poem was originally made untitled in Bahasa Indonesia by Indra, Maz Leon's partner (click his name to see our work of poem!), my college friend, which had been graduated leaving me behind lol. It was translated by me into English for adding some poetry collection.

Solacer Hunt
© 2016 Indra Mustawan & Katarina Yuri

We do not own the illustration

Dimming blaze twinkles among darkness
Bitter’s pouring to fill a soul
Failing the smiles and laughters

I sank farther
This wound is gapped and so deep
Who’s the solacer?
Beliefs are all withering
When solitude becomes a real thing

My eyes were getting used to close
Crushing shadows and sharp shackles
Scrape my conscience
Shredding my dreams
Floating in the ocean
Shunned by day and night
Like a cracked mirror

I embrace tightly my emptiness
I saw their gazes
Asking for wishes

The new day had again spoken to me
But I have not been able to step forward
I wanted to give up
Never stop

NB: You are allowed to copy this poem after my permission and don't forget to give credit to this blog.