Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: Sariayu Martha Tilaar Busa Pembersih Jerawat

Speaking of beauty care..

Speaking of beauty care, no matter you are female or male..

You guys are definitely washing your face regulary, right?? XD

I’m going to review one of facial wash product I ever used: Sariayu Martha Tilaar Acne Care Facial Foam aka Busa Pembersih Jerawat (written in Bahasa Indonesia). This is my first time using facial foam from Martha Tilaar (usually I use Acnes’ *cough cough*). The product is produced by PT. Martina Berto, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here is what the tube look like. Pretty simple!
It comes with white tube and transparent flip-top lid, contains 75 grams of white cream. At the tube front cover you’ll see a white background with picture of Pegagan. Do you know what Pegagan is? Pegagan is the name of plant, vine with edible leaves, often planted on sides of rice field to prevent erosion. It is usually found in every side of rice field so I guess most of us never see that kind of plant as a human living in urban city or even only heard the name =.=”

Helps reduce acne and take care of the skin
It also said: “helps reduce acne and take care of the skin.” Actually I don’t know what Cananga is, since it’s not written in Indonesian. And thank Wikipedia for giving me some info! You can also check it for further information . In Indonesia it means Kenanga: a kind of plant valued for its fragrance. The essential oil derived from the flowers is used for aromatherapy. I think the flower smells like jasmine.

The transparant flip-top lid
And here’s what the back cover said:

“Get a clean and healthy face with Sariayu Acne Care Facial Foam. Face soap which contains Pegagan extract that helps to treat blemished skin without making it feels dry or irritated and Cananga oil as a soothing aromatherapy.”
In Indonesian:
“Dapatkan wajah yang bersih dan terawat dengan Sariayu Busa Pembersih Jerawat. Sabun wajah untuk membantu merawat kulit berjerawat tanpa membuat kulit menjadi kering dan teriritasi. Mengandung ekstrak Pegagan dan bahan lainnya untuk membantu mengurangi jerawat serta diperkaya dengan Cananga oil sebagai aromaterapi yang memberikan ketenangan.”

This product has no animal testing, dermatologically tested, and warning: Stop usage if sign of irritation/allergy occurs. You also can see the ingredients in the picture below. Sorry for the low quality *bows*

The back side of the tube
This tube contains soft white cream but not sticky. If you apply it too much on your hand, the cream is rather watery so it may run out and drip so be careful while you apply. The cream also smells like flowers! I guess the smell of Cananga ^o^

See that white cream? :3
Just apply required amount of this facial foam on my hand, wet with water until bubbly (produces much bubbles!), rub gently and rinse thoroughly. Remember, you need to really rub your face, make sure the water you usually use is clean. If not, you will see white heads still appear on your face. ( =3=)//

I have been using this for 3 months but there is still much facial foam in the tube. I need about two weeks to spend the rest 0.0 Unfortunately, this isn’t gonna be my favorite one. It says help reduce acne but my face is still attacked by acnes as usual, or even worse. I bought this at department store for IDR 11.800,00 on the beauty corner. You also can find the facial foam at minimarket and the price may be different a bit.

So here is my conclusion:
· Smells good
· Has soft texture
· Cleans your face well
· Economical Usage
· Easily found locally.
· Has well scent of aromatherapy
· Can be used on oily skin

· Not sure it's available on another country.
· Doesn’t reduce acnes of my face.

Possibility to repurchase : No, I will look for another product. Rate : 3,5 of 5 stars.

Sariayu Acne Facial Foam may work for person:
· who is concerned about acnes
· who doesn’t really like fragrance
· who has oily skin, or dry skin, or combination. I think it's for all skin types.
· who look for daily-use product with low price (like me, LOL)

This blog is not for judging whether the product suits your skin or not. You need 'trial and error' to know it ;) Well, just doesn’t work well for me but this facial foam may be useful for you, wanna have a try? ^.^
Have you ever tried this product? How is the result? What’s your favorite?

Disclamer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

At College: First Week


Last Monday i was officially started studying as an English student at a college in Central Jakarta ^_^ I have followed its academic oriented event and motivation seminar which held on last Sunday at Istora Senayan and it wasn't bad. There were famous motivators. There were also actors and actress who wanted to promote their movie. I didn't remember who were there but Andi--the leading vocal of /RIF band as the main actor and the band came to rock the stage as the ending performance! Unfortunately the sound system wasn't good enough so i left before my ears got bleeding.. =_=

The condition when the event started. I didn't know there would be so many people =_=

Day 1-3 -- i have known some new friends and none of them live very near from my home since i need accompany to go home together. The funny thing was there were only about 7 or 8 men in class! "Who run the world?? GIRLS.." Okay Beyonce said it, not me xP

At the first day, the lecturer haven't given any explanation about material to study but he already gave us assignment to do presentation within class, and students are divided into groups with each subject provided. Geez, is this what college students have to do on the first meeting? Amazing! XD

Day 4-6 -- I have known another new friends. Of course, they are also day workers and none of them live near from my home (╥﹏╥ ) Have known some lecturers too. Thank God they are friendly lol. Unfortunately i still had to study yesterday, ugh..

The system of college is computerized: presence list, college fee payment, e-learning, materials for each lecture subject from lecturer (you must download), lecture schedule, and online EXAM.. but not at all subject. So make sure you don't get poor grade and don't pay the fee late or you will get a long procedure with the system.

And the final thing i love is: FOOD.. hohoho
I found so many minimarkets, fast food restaurants: Seven Eleven, KFC, McDonald, side walk snack sellers.. There is also drugstore.. See? I won't be starving and find medicine easily xD

Overall, it isn't bad to be there. How about your first experience at college?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Current Daily Activity

Here the third post comes~

So, hi everyone.
I’m writing in a very ‘me time’, about personal thing—my daily activities. Not really different from the normal ones lol.

Having a job is one of them, as an accountant in a spare parts company. Spending 3 years of vocational high school to learn accountancy isn’t a very short time so I can’t just waste what I have gained there (dammit I actually started to hate counting amount of money that never belongs to me at all, no offense.) like handling files, input any data to the program, making finance reports, typing any statement letters, another tasks that related to calculator, paper and computer… I don’t really make friends there since I am the youngest girl of all with alienated behaviour and weird appearance, “some” times XD Mostly clothes I wear to office are almost in dark color like black or grey or blue with plain models because I spend more time in covering acnes on my face in the morning so I don’t want to think too much to choose what I supposed to wear. Never forget some accessories and long socks, stocking, lace tights and some casual shoes. But sometimes i only wear t-shirt and black jeans. I don’t wear high heels because makes me hard to walk, hahah.. I don’t know how to make you imagine that maybe it’s like combining Corp Goth with Lolita style in casual way. Someday I will post some photos ;)

Me wearing grey stripes t-shirt. Please don't mind with that arm =_="

Unfortunately in my workplace i'm not allowed to do any hairstyles like dying with colors except brown and red but I can bear with it since I only dye my own hair jet black lol. I am also not allowed to have any tattoo and piercing at another part but ear (labret, medusa etc…) and I don’t worry since I prefer using accessories as the alternative way :3 You know? It happens to most of every company here. Tattoos, piercings, extreme hair color and styles are accepted for musicians and celebrities! But it started to change due to time development so it depends on what kind of environment you are in.

College? Yes, I’m studying English in diploma degree and this is my first year. I choose it because learning language makes me easier to make friends, to understand any product that isn’t written in Indonesian, to look for the way to train my language skill and so on. For me, language is the greatest key for building communication between humans in every aspects of lifetime. I can’t tell more what I do there since I still need adaption for this new activity. I don’t know what kind of friends that I will meet at classes, i work from 09.00 am until 05.00 pm or earlier depends on my college schedules. Yes, night class! And what a pity I only get Sunday to rest. Amazing! -_-

Well, I can choose just to be a college student but honestly, just from ordinary family. Not that rich, but thank God I still can eat every day, drink clear water, wear clean clothes and sleep well every night even though we live in a boarding house, just in one room. So, do you know where the privacy is? X’D *sob sob*

I was thinking at one time what if I didn’t get any job soon: Dad works hard to pay the room’s fee, mom works hard to pay her motorcycle’s credit, my brother (yeah I have the younger annoying one) studies hard to get any compensation for school’s fee, I don’t have enough money to continue my study, own a home is our dreams. What a shame if a 18-year-old girl (that was 2 years ago) still ask more to her hard-working parents, in my opinion. So here I am now. I also steal some times to manage my online store. Yes, I start my own business! I want to be an entrepreneur. Tell the details later, still doing some researches :-)

A bit tired of typing… this is my story for today *yawning* Thinking again for the next post~

Friday, September 13, 2013

About Friday The 13th

Source: photobucket

Yaay it's Friday, everyone!
So T.G.I.F, huh? XD
Not to me because i still have to work on Saturday for a half work day, which is very sucks and boring ._. I guess the best solution is finding new work place with more wise rules lol.

Back to topic: What is Friday the 13th? Do you often hear it? Do you believe this day is unlucky to you, and people around? Actually i don't find this day as a big bad superstition rumour here. Some cultures considered Friday and number 13 as unlucky day, some cultures not.
Here's some part of info i got from internet:
-In numerology , the number twelve is considered the number of completeness, as reflected in the twelve months of the year, twelve hours of the clock , twelve gods of Olympus , twelve tribes of Israel , twelve Apostles of Jesus, the 12 successors of Muhammad in Shia Islam, twelve signs of the Zodiac, etc., whereas the number thirteen was considered irregular, transgressing this completeness.

-Friday is also the day when Jesus Christ was crucified, making it through folklore and adding to its unpopularity.

-People who believe and fear Friday the 13th has been called friggatriskaidekaphobia ( Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom "Friday" is named in English and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen), or paraskevidekatriaphobia, a concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή, meaning "Friday"), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς, meaning "thirteen") attached to phobía (φοβία, from phóbos, φόβος, meaning "fear").
The latter word was derived in 1911 and first appeared in a mainstream source in 1953.

You can read the complete source here ^_^
While here, Friday night is always related with horror, mystery, spooky, haunted place, urban myth. Therefore, some tv show that is on Friday night will be full of mystery or mystical show. For example: [Masih] Dunia Lain, Dua Dunia, Mister Tukul Jalan Jalan (in the month of Ramadan the events are disabled, except Mister Tukul becomes Islamic pilgrimage). Those tv shows name are in a local channel. Or maybe you can watch the streaming version here. So every Friday night, then we will simply find a variety of events that contain mystical and supernatural world. There are several other places that were sacred to visit in Friday night. Well, it is just aboud the day not the number 13 :-) I don't get people around me feeling like paraskevidekatriaphobia today include me. How mouthful it is! XD
Oh i wanna show you this, may remind you of today..

Remember this? Ha? :3
Out of the religy thing, actually Friday and number 13 are as same as another.. Some can be good, some can be bad to us. But that's life, right? Believe or not, it's all up to you ;)
So.. What do you think about it?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Silly First Post

La la la la la la la..
La la la la la la la..
There’s a little creepy house
In a little creepy place
Little creepy town
In a little creepy world
Little creepy girl
With her little creepy face
Saying funny things that you have never heard..

Walking On Air – Kerli Koiv

Hi, everyone.

Please don't mind with that part of Kerli's lyric if you think I don't feel that way.

Yeah, I talk to everyone here. You can call me Yuri. I live somewhere in Indonesia. I’m too afraid to talk in real life, or even to face them.. Or it is just weird feeling since i am the quite-type person, really. Maybe we shouldn't meet for real. I prefer talking with pets to humans. I feel better humming in front of the wall than to show how good I sing to audience. I have nobody to share my odd secrets but my boyfriend, or shopping too much like other girls do. FYI, this isn't a metaphor or any story I have made up and make-you-believe things. I do have friends, a lot. Even in cyber life for years. It's just mostly -  they don't have the same interest, and they aren't "alienated". They are completely normal for loving pop cultures and k-wave, i think.

I haven’t gone anywhere too far from the city yet. But I had something in mind that people around me never thought I would be. For sure, I believe I’m not the only one, I’m hiding from people I know. Sometimes they misunderstand me for too much surfing in internet and find a great thing that fits me well, but looks strange for them, for dressing all in black and blue while the other girls love pink, for wearing skulls and eyeballs as accessories while they like flowers only, for the deep poems and songs I love, for screaming "how cute!" or "that's cool! I wish I had it" when people see the thing i see as the opposite (bats, coffin bags, black nails, black lips, etc)..

Talking about this blog is gonna be something that I hope I can meet alienated friends with the same interests, I warn you this may (maybe) contain beautiful dark things, crazy minds or I prefer call it ‘to be open-minded brain’, some odd fantasies, my never-ending (face) skin problem, my boring daily life etc etc :p
Guess this is enough for the first time, thinking about the second post. I'm also looking for any great layout. I wish laziness and inconsistence won’t ever come to me for not taking care of this blog. Amen XP