Sunday, September 15, 2013

Current Daily Activity

Here the third post comes~

So, hi everyone.
I’m writing in a very ‘me time’, about personal thing—my daily activities. Not really different from the normal ones lol.

Having a job is one of them, as an accountant in a spare parts company. Spending 3 years of vocational high school to learn accountancy isn’t a very short time so I can’t just waste what I have gained there (dammit I actually started to hate counting amount of money that never belongs to me at all, no offense.) like handling files, input any data to the program, making finance reports, typing any statement letters, another tasks that related to calculator, paper and computer… I don’t really make friends there since I am the youngest girl of all with alienated behaviour and weird appearance, “some” times XD Mostly clothes I wear to office are almost in dark color like black or grey or blue with plain models because I spend more time in covering acnes on my face in the morning so I don’t want to think too much to choose what I supposed to wear. Never forget some accessories and long socks, stocking, lace tights and some casual shoes. But sometimes i only wear t-shirt and black jeans. I don’t wear high heels because makes me hard to walk, hahah.. I don’t know how to make you imagine that maybe it’s like combining Corp Goth with Lolita style in casual way. Someday I will post some photos ;)

Me wearing grey stripes t-shirt. Please don't mind with that arm =_="

Unfortunately in my workplace i'm not allowed to do any hairstyles like dying with colors except brown and red but I can bear with it since I only dye my own hair jet black lol. I am also not allowed to have any tattoo and piercing at another part but ear (labret, medusa etc…) and I don’t worry since I prefer using accessories as the alternative way :3 You know? It happens to most of every company here. Tattoos, piercings, extreme hair color and styles are accepted for musicians and celebrities! But it started to change due to time development so it depends on what kind of environment you are in.

College? Yes, I’m studying English in diploma degree and this is my first year. I choose it because learning language makes me easier to make friends, to understand any product that isn’t written in Indonesian, to look for the way to train my language skill and so on. For me, language is the greatest key for building communication between humans in every aspects of lifetime. I can’t tell more what I do there since I still need adaption for this new activity. I don’t know what kind of friends that I will meet at classes, i work from 09.00 am until 05.00 pm or earlier depends on my college schedules. Yes, night class! And what a pity I only get Sunday to rest. Amazing! -_-

Well, I can choose just to be a college student but honestly, just from ordinary family. Not that rich, but thank God I still can eat every day, drink clear water, wear clean clothes and sleep well every night even though we live in a boarding house, just in one room. So, do you know where the privacy is? X’D *sob sob*

I was thinking at one time what if I didn’t get any job soon: Dad works hard to pay the room’s fee, mom works hard to pay her motorcycle’s credit, my brother (yeah I have the younger annoying one) studies hard to get any compensation for school’s fee, I don’t have enough money to continue my study, own a home is our dreams. What a shame if a 18-year-old girl (that was 2 years ago) still ask more to her hard-working parents, in my opinion. So here I am now. I also steal some times to manage my online store. Yes, I start my own business! I want to be an entrepreneur. Tell the details later, still doing some researches :-)

A bit tired of typing… this is my story for today *yawning* Thinking again for the next post~


I really appreciate comments and questions. Thank you so much :-)