Thursday, September 12, 2013

Silly First Post

La la la la la la la..
La la la la la la la..
There’s a little creepy house
In a little creepy place
Little creepy town
In a little creepy world
Little creepy girl
With her little creepy face
Saying funny things that you have never heard..

Walking On Air – Kerli Koiv

Hi, everyone.

Please don't mind with that part of Kerli's lyric if you think I don't feel that way.

Yeah, I talk to everyone here. You can call me Yuri. I live somewhere in Indonesia. I’m too afraid to talk in real life, or even to face them.. Or it is just weird feeling since i am the quite-type person, really. Maybe we shouldn't meet for real. I prefer talking with pets to humans. I feel better humming in front of the wall than to show how good I sing to audience. I have nobody to share my odd secrets but my boyfriend, or shopping too much like other girls do. FYI, this isn't a metaphor or any story I have made up and make-you-believe things. I do have friends, a lot. Even in cyber life for years. It's just mostly -  they don't have the same interest, and they aren't "alienated". They are completely normal for loving pop cultures and k-wave, i think.

I haven’t gone anywhere too far from the city yet. But I had something in mind that people around me never thought I would be. For sure, I believe I’m not the only one, I’m hiding from people I know. Sometimes they misunderstand me for too much surfing in internet and find a great thing that fits me well, but looks strange for them, for dressing all in black and blue while the other girls love pink, for wearing skulls and eyeballs as accessories while they like flowers only, for the deep poems and songs I love, for screaming "how cute!" or "that's cool! I wish I had it" when people see the thing i see as the opposite (bats, coffin bags, black nails, black lips, etc)..

Talking about this blog is gonna be something that I hope I can meet alienated friends with the same interests, I warn you this may (maybe) contain beautiful dark things, crazy minds or I prefer call it ‘to be open-minded brain’, some odd fantasies, my never-ending (face) skin problem, my boring daily life etc etc :p
Guess this is enough for the first time, thinking about the second post. I'm also looking for any great layout. I wish laziness and inconsistence won’t ever come to me for not taking care of this blog. Amen XP

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