Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Memories of 2013 And New Year's Resolutions

Can't believe the time goes so fast! Before we go right to the resolutions, let's see what i've been going through..

January. Flood struck Jakarta for days! The dirty water came into my room and all of the bottom parts were... a bit drowned. The rain never stopped falling! I even had to drain the water from inside, and made blocks from wax to prevent whatever coming from the outside and kept my room dry then. Clothes, shoes, cats, and bats? Saved xD

February. Got my bangs cut, also the damaged roots. I've dyed it into jet black. And now i need to repeat it all again.

March. For the first in my grown up age, i was diagnosed by a contagious disease called mononucleosis infectiosa. The doctor said there was epstein barr virus in my body. In normal language, it looked like measles. For the medical treatment, i couldn't go out for three days.

April. Watching Iron Man 3. The points i got from this eccentric superhero is: relax, be smart, be rich. That's how you enjoy life LOL~

May. My online store began to harvest its income and the demands increased.

June. I just got tested by technical problems of managing online store. Bless me *angelic voice from heaven*

July. Shopping time. No, sightseeing time :-P I was taking a look to a department store and ended up by buyin a new jacket :-P Oh come on i only have just one with broken zipper in my closet!

August. I accompanied mom to visit her hometown, once a year, somewhere at West Java, for celebrating Lebaran (moslems occasional day). Miss the fresh air :/

September. Just had my first notebook, to support the needs of work and lectures. The cool thing is the color. Metalic blue :3

October. One - The first time celebrating birthday without any cake but donuts xD And then, two - i never thought i would get the outing class in this semester. I think the college should make it more, hahah.. Three - i draw the cracked skin on my face due to tribute to halloween's day :-)

November. It's been a long time for facing mid exam but i could do it. Unfortunately, the rain started to fall again. Time to save the cats.

December. The exam report has been released! Good marks made me smile for a while :D Christmas holiday was fun too. I spent the night with my boyfriend and his family ♥

Phew, overall 2013 was quite awesome. Let's see what i'll commit to.

First. Find another job. I'm sick of being unrespected by my boss and evil partners - you may say. Accounting is not easy, you old fags!

Second. Focus on business. My side business begins to take its first step to walk, like a baby. Bless me *angelic voice from heaven again*

Third. Keep writing and make some besties. You know this part la.

Fourth and another will be a very long story to be written here. Well, glad to know i'm surviving! XD Happy new year 2014, everyone. What's your resolutions?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Skeleton Dress From Rismakill Drama Darkcloth

The story starts from three weeks ago, I was hunting an outfit with the gothy-look. I need one immediately, not necessarily full gothic, just with the dark color is okay, because I have some accessories to be matched with. To be honest, I have never ordered anything from Lip Service, Heavy Red, Demonia or even Hot Topic yet. It is because they don’t ship to Indonesia, which is identified as one of the countries with the highest carding activity in the world. Dafuq T_T I have looked at some thrift stores, but all I saw is just mainstream shirts and mini skirts.

For this reason, I searched the local online shop that provides ready-to-order outfits. I found it is named Rismakill Drama Darkcloth. The owner is Rismakill Adhelia from Bandung, but currently she’s living in Makassar.

Click to see another dress
I looked at her page album to see if any dress or any top was still available. The outfits are awesome and they are sold quickly! The great thing is that she makes all of them with her own hand. She designs, she sews. It’s great for those who appreciate hand-made stuff, love unique appearance, and love limited items!


A black dress has been chosen by me as she offered the details that I was looking for. It is actually a two-piece dress. It’s a good thing because I can wear the top with another skirt or wear the skirt with another shirt. The dress is made of cotton, so it absorbs the sweat well. The fabric isn’t rough, also not too smooth (of course it’s not silk lol), and it isn’t too thin. There’s elastic material at the top and waist part of the skirt. Oh, just noticed the skeletons pattern! I love skull :D

I got the clutch for free. Thank you so much! >.<

Here’ s the detail based on my measurement:
Size M (Asian Size)
Top Bust : Approximately 90 cm
Top Length: 57 cm
Skirt Waist: 90 and still can stretch more (mine is 83 without stretching material, different from my jeans size – you can tell the difference)
Skirt Length: 55 cm
Overall length about 112 cm

Oh hello Skellingtons :)

The shirt fits me so well, although the sleeve is kinda too short for me (showing my bare big arms). The skirt is bigger than size M was supposed to be XD I had to make it smaller.
I have worn it two times and washed it once. Glad to see the fabric color wasn’t fade. Overall, the dress it lovely to me. I can wear it to the semi-formal or informal party, to work, to college. The point is this dress is perfect for daily wear.

If you are interested with her masterpiece, come visit her page at Rismakill Drama Darkcloth. Don’t miss it! Thank you teteh Risma, you rock!

At JW Marriot Hotel

Disclamer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Gothic Christmas

Rudolph, he will change his name
'cause Rudolph just sounds really lame
Now we'll call him Ragnagord
The evil reindeer overlord

His nose it shall be red no more
It will be blackened to the core
His eyes will glow an evil glow
To guide the chariot through the snow…

As you may have known, Christmas is an annual civil holiday in many world’s nations, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I don’t say that Christmas is only for Christians, because I welcome my mom and my brother, who are moslems to celebrate it too, and they can deal with it easily XD I have a big tolerance, underlined.

The snow hasn’t arrived yet, because there ain’t no such a snowy thing here although it’s cold since the rainy season does still exist. I can’t say, “What about wearing black so it may show the contrast with the snow?”Crap. I should have visited England. I wish I knew what snow is like.

Anyway, want something different for the Christmas time? I would like to suggest to turn on the music with a little of dark sense, of course :3 Here’s my song list:

Please keep in mind that some songs I have suggested above aren’t gothic at all, as I’ve told that they have dark atmosphere.

Our Christmas tree a year ago

We didn’t have any Christmas tree to put in our room. Well, we didn’t see any space there and there… This end of year may be busy of the clearance. About the presents? Sure, we have. Each of us will get one present. My boyfriend has gotten it before, for his birthday… plus Christmas X’D And then, the last thing I’ll do is going to the church and spend the night with my family.

What do you do on Christmas holiday? I wish you a merry Gothic Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Stay Goth During The Rain

There are only two seasons in my country and this month is full of daily rainfall. It has been raining here in Indonesia for two or three months. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t.  I wish I could sleep at home when it’s raining. I hate it when there’s a sudden rain at the same time I go to college after work. Making you wet everyday when you want to go outside for your duty is not good. Imagine you are on the way to school or workplace, and suddenly comes the rain, you arrive with damp velvet boots, wets your jacket, messy make up, and freezy hair as the wind blew you over.. =_=

Fortunately, I live in tropical place so the rainy season probably won’t stay long after Chinese New Year. I couldn’t predict when the rain comes (of course, who could?) so I got easily wet for wearing no rain coat or using umbrella. I always forgot to bring one of them lol. However, I want to share some tips to keep you cool during the rain :D

One. Have at least two umbrellas and raincoat. Keep it at the side of your main door, in case you wanna go out or as a change if the one is broken, and bring the other one wherever you go. Raincoats may be more effective for motorcycle users. Put it in your bag. I choose to bring my own umbrella, or sometimes a raincoat if my boyfriend comes to drive me home.

Two. Wear coat, jacket, or sweater to keep you warm. The strong wind of a pouring rain may make you freeze. Wear it, unless you want to catch the cold or hypothermia.

Three. Footwear is important. Boots, docs, or whatever is waterproof. If you don’t want your socks or tights get wet, wear sandals. However, you need to clean your unprotected feet area. I personally prefer sandals for its effectiveness, because I have to go to college immediately at the rush hour and it takes less than 5 seconds to wear! XD

Four. Get yourself a waterproof bag, or bring a plastic bag to save your stuff safe from being soaked. It is a must to cover your laptop and your papers, especially if you are Corp Goth! :D

Five. Do not let your wet clothes pile in a basket for a long time. Wash them soon, or choose laundry service, because bad bacteria will start growing in humid areas. Fungus on your underwears and socks? Eewwww :v

Six. Make a basic ritual for a good hygiene! Take a bath twice a day. It would be great with warm water to relax your back and your blood circulation. Well, there’s no gothy soap here, so ordinary soap is okay. Clean your face, ears, neck, armpits, feet, another private areas, and your hair! Dry shampoo is a good idea for you who in a hurry. If you don’t have any time to wash it, pull your hair back into a ponytail to avoid your greasy hair touches your face, because it will cause acnes or anything you don’t want it to grow on your face. Still wanna let your hair smelly and sticky huh?

Seven. Do not turn down your appearance. Don’t be afraid when all of your black suits get wet, since it is just water! We are not cats, we are Goths.

Hope these tips may help you. Please let me know if you have any other suggestion about this. I would love to hear it J Stay dark, darklings!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil PP501

What is the one of things you must have to beautify your eye?

My first eyeliner.

I would like to say eyeliner.

I bought it about a year ago. It’s from Korean brand named Etude House J

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil, like its name, it is a retractable eyeliner which is provided with sharpener. To be honest, this is my first eyeliner (I took some pictures long time ago) and I have thrown the eyeliner box somewhere hahaha XD I think pencil eyeliner is the best way for nervous newbies to try to make the simple line.

The Color Code: PP501

It has 5 color choices. Well, I am supposed to receive the black one when I have ordered the right color, but I realized it was purple. The code color is PP501. Disappointed? No, it was my bad for not checking the package box. I regretted it, I want the black one. *craving* I couldn’t take any clear picture about the information given on the box because the words were the way very small. Let the evidences talk.

The list of ingredients. Sorry for the bad pic quality T_T

(Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil claimed that it’s perfect for smoky eye look and long lasting.) I opened the cap – the package is classic and simple and travel friendly. I drew the single line on my hand to see the texture. The purple is rather dark, but it takes several times to get the true color. I hope it doesn’t happen to another color. Not too creamy, but soft enough to be applied on your eyelid. Don’t twist it out too much and don’t rotate it hard to sharpener! The liner will be broken into small parts. Yeah I did it once with barbar style ._.

There is the instruction to sharpen the eyeliner with the sharpener

No need to buy sharpener anymore :3

And then, I like this eyeliner because I wear it almost every day, when the rain or my sweat falls on my eye area, it didn’t smudge around even when I rubbed it by my bare hand to clean the raindrop or sweat. The purple is also dark, almost look like black with 2 or 3 layers. It also stays for 4-5 hours without retouch, because i'm too lazy to do it. However, it was easy to be removed with eye makeup remover, or EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Even though my skin type is oily, my eyes are drier, so the result may be different to another eye J

I hope you ignore that messy eyebrow XD

How it looks on my eyes

Remember not to put it on your lower eyelid too much. I’ve said it is soft, but hard enough for the waterline. The color will be like smudged out and you may hurt your eye because it only takes less than 5 minutes to dry (results may be different to your eyes). Kajal or kohl eyeliner is the great choice to do the waterline, since they are really creamy and softer. Trust me.

How the real color looks like with camera flash

One thing in my objection is: GLITTER. I don’t know about the other color but I think this purple one is too shiny. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of sparkling things (Except the vampire, underlined. Come on, sparkling blood sucker isn't that bad). I prefer the matte one!

  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • Comes with sharpener
  • The price can save your wallet lol
  • The expired date is 36 months after you open the cap
  • The size is travel friendly
  • Long lasting for 5 hours on my eyelid (results may vary!)
  • Dry fast (results may vary)

  • I think some colors have glitters (subjective thought)
  •   Not good enough for lining the lower eyelid

Etude House Eyeliner Proof 10 Auto Pencil may be suitable for:
  •  People who are looking for a friendly budget
  • People with sensitive eyes (it is formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E)
  • People who are newbies. Happy trying btw :3

Rate: 4.5 of 5 stars

Posibility to repurchase: I’m just going to buy the really black one after I’ve run out of this :p

Where to buy:
The price is such a good deal – only LESS than IDR 100.000 (USD 10)! You can find it at the Etude House store if you live in Asia. Kalau tempatnya jauh dari jangkauan dan berminat dengan eyeliner ini, bisa klik di sini atau email saya ke kyuri_104@yahoo.com atau di email box yang sudah disediakan di samping artikel ini J

Have you tried this eyeliner? Or any other eyeliner from Etude House? J

Disclamer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia: November Box

I was wondering about beauty boxes that I was interested with. I read some bloggers’ blog that showed adorable things from the box, so I tried to choose one of beauty box services in Indonesia, and it was Beauty Treats Indonesia J

Ehm, there will be a lot of pictures. But don't worry, the sizes aren't too big so you can read my blog by phone.

Who is Beauty Treats Indonesia?

Rebecca Reijman. How to read 'Reijman', anyway? XD

BTI is a company who makes a concept of monthly subscription service that you should pay first, of course, and they will deliver the beauty box to your doorstep. The founder of BTI is Rebecca Reijman; a singer, a songwriter from Den Haag.

Beauty Treats Indonesia - The Number 1 Beauty Box Service in Indonesia
click this picture will direct you to the BTI web..I suggest you to subscribe ;)
I heard that this box was made of recycled waste paper. Well done!
The box was shipped by TIKI service on 15th November 2013

The beauty box~

Let’s see the box! It arrived about 2 weeks ago. It came with a green theme. The color is so refreshing like the young leaves and I think it symbolizes nature. Actually I prefer blue or purple but never mind la~ I paid IDR 125.000 for 1 month subscription two months ago as a trial. I thought I would receive the October box but they have run out of the boxes, so my turn was in this month. I got 8 items which consisted of 4 sachet samples of skincare, eye makeup remover sheets, vial perfume, 2 pcs little acne covers, and a magazine. Oh, I didn’t find any discount voucher, heehee :3

Green is fresh. Look, the box has a magnetic lid ^^

the mini booklet. I got exactly what products are included in it.

Here comes the beauty stuff!

Cita Cinta Magazine with Nikita Willy as the cover model.
It's been so long i haven't read teen magazine for a long time yet lol

I was surprised when I opened the box. It was just ...... XD

The sachet samples. One of them is crumpled >3<

Hmm, think about it. Didn’t mean to be hypocrite, I sell samples too, but I thought the sachet samples shouldn’t have been there too many since the box was meant to be surprise. It’s okay if there was just at least two, but four? How would I know if those skincare samples work for me? I know it sounds like it is better getting them freely from the sales promotion people at the shopping centre or buying real size Korean cosmetics as a compliment. I prefer sample in mini tube even though just one or two because at least it contains more than the sachets. So this way, I’m not satisfied (maklum orang maruk, hahahah… :p )

I got three samples of Trilogy and one sample of lotion. Trilogy is the skincare product from New Zealand and the body lotion is from Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender. Eye makeup remover in sheets sounds new to me, hahah.. It is a great idea and travel-friendly item! Unfortunately, I never use black mascara, except the transparent (or clear) mascara from Oriflame, which is now discontinued product. Even if I had used the colored one, i would like to remove it with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to take care of my eye lashes growth. Hmm.. Should I try? :3

Koji Etiquette & Travel Eyemakeoff Sheet

About the acne cover, it might be very useful for me. My face skin is acne-prone XD The acne covers are also easy to be found in any drugstore or supermarket. I don’t remember how much it is. And then, I love the package of Eau de Parfum Pleats Please by Issey Miyake because it's neat and interesting XD Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of fragrance.

Nexcare acne cover!

Eau de Parfum Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

So what are you gonna do?

What I’m going to do is just share the first impression for the next post. The conclusion is… I’m glad that I have gotten my box. I looked on makeupalley.com, the products given to me got great rating, which meant they are all well-formulated. Wow, the surprise is a good deal, BTI. Thank you J

Possibility to subscribe again: No, I want to try another service :3

If you are interested to get the beauty box, sign up right now here. Who knows you will get another unique things! ;)

Have you received your box? How is it?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Apa itu Gothic?

If you want to read it in English, click here.

A: Eh, lo orang gothic ya?
B: Iya :D
A: Gothic itu apa sih?
B: Itu lho yang pakai hitam-hitam itu..

Hahaha, dialog di atas sekedar lucu lucuan aja :P tapi pasti pernah dengar atau lihat kan gambaran situasi di atas? Kebanyakan orang (iya, kebanyakan alias terlalu banyak) dengan mudahnya menganggap cabang kebudayaan ini sama dengan memakai pakaian hitam, bibir hitam, mata dibuat jadi hitam, kuku hitam. Intinya, kalau ingat kata ‘Gothic’ langsung teringat ciri-ciri itu. Ternyata, ada penjelasan dibalik semua itu.

Pengen ketawa terus setiap liat gambar ini X'D

Dari mana sih kata Gothic itu?

Dilihat dari namanya, Gothic berasal dari nama suatu bangsa dari Jerman yang berperang melawan bangsa Romawi. Banyak peninggalan mereka berupa karya seni dan bangunan yang khas. Tentang sejarahnya cari sendiri ya, saudara-saudara XD

Gue cari di google translate, kok Gothic berarti barbar/biadab sih??

Setahu saya, google translate tidak pernah seratus persen akurat dan tidak selamanya benar. Masih berhubungan dengan pertanyaan pertama, bangsa Romawi yang pada waktu itu terlibat dalam peperangan, melihat musuh-musuhnya seperti orang biadab atau kaum barbar, masuk akal kan? J Sekarang zaman sudah berbeda, arti dari kata Gothic sekarang sudah meluas dan lebih baik.

Lalu, apa hubungannya dengan Gothic yang ini?

Tidak ada hubungannya secara langsung, karena budaya Gothic ini dibangun berdasarkan aliran musik yang bermula di Inggris, tahun 1970an. Sebelumnya, budaya Punk sempat ‘mati’ dan dari ‘abu’-nya lahir sebuah budaya baru yang sampai sekarang disebut Gothic. Sebenarnya sudah banyak sumber yang menjelaskan hal ini, bahkan lebih baik dari saya. Jadi, saya gak akan bahas banyak.

Goths from Ukrania, at the goth club

Seperti apa sih orang-orang Gothic itu?

Kami sangat tertarik pada seni, karya sastra, dan musik. Ada yang punya tindik dan tato, ada juga yang tidak sama sekali. Soal pakaian, kami cenderung memiliki selera yang unik. Dan jangan terkejut bila mendengar celotehan humor kami yang memang sedikit… garing, aneh, kadang ‘nyelekit’. Tapi kami adalah orang yang terbuka terhadap segala sesuatu, meskipun memiliki pemikiran yang bisa dibilang abstrak. Kemampuan dan minat tidak takut kami perlihatkan kepada yang bukan Gothic dan kembangkan tanpa harus merasa takut dicemooh dan diganggu karena merasa berbeda dari yang lain. Biasanya karena inilah kami sering jadi objek ‘bullying’ sehingga kami jadi cenderung individual dan kelihatannya tertutup.

Adora BatBrat

Kenapa sih orang Gothic senang pakai hitam?

Kembali lagi ke soal pakaian, kami tidak memakai baju secara seragam, melainkan berkreasi dan kalau perlu, membuat baju atau aksesoris dengan tangan sendiri. Kami berpakaian dengan warna hitam bukan untuk menakuti orang lain, bukan supaya terlihat lebih keren. Kami memang lebih suka warna-warna yang lebih gelap dan yang paling gelap adalah hitam. Pernahkah terpikirkan bahwa warna hitam bisa ‘berbaur’ dengan warna apa saja, seperti halnya warna putih? J Yah, di sisi efisiensi, kami tidak perlu selalu mengikuti tren sehingga harus memadupadankan atasan dan bawahan, karena kami punya cara sendiri untuk mengatasinya tanpa perlu dianggap ketinggalan zaman. Tidak hanya hitam, banyak yang menunjukkan dirinya dengan warna lain, contohnya merah muda, hijau, bahkan putih!

Ini juga penting untuk diketahui bahwa tidak semua berpakaian hitam nonstop 24/7! Contohnya saya, bisa saja mengenakan kaus berwarna cerah, bercelana jeans dengan sandal jepit. Dijamin tidak akan menjatuhkan identitasmu sebagai Gothic. Tapi selera yang lain tetap tidak berubah ya, hehehe…

Keindahan pada hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kegelapan, kematian, dunia supranatural dan hal-hal aneh yang biasanya tidak disukai orang pada umumnya menjadi daya tarik bagi kami. Tapi tidak berarti kami semua pengikut aliran sesat dan pemuja iblis ya. Tolong camkan kata-kata ini. Memang hal-hal tersebut dapat kami pandang secara berbeda. Bahkan sesama orang Gothic pun punya pandangan tersendiri. Kami terdiri dari berbagai ras dan dari berbagai penganut keyakinan, sekalipun dia atheis atau satanis, sekalipun dia orang Afrika.

Soal kepribadian, sama saja seperti orang pada umumnya. Kami bisa menjadi orang yang optimis, bahagia, tertawa saat menonton acara komedi dan tertawa saat membaca kisah mengharukan, kecewa, bersyukur, berdoa, mencintai, dicintai, dan berteman! Ya, kami juga punya teman-teman yang ‘normal’, hanya saja yang membedakan adalah perlakuan mereka atau kalian terhadap kami.

Bagaimanapun juga, tidak ada pedoman mutlak untuk menjadi seorang Gothic. Tidak ada sumpah atau perjanjian yang perlu diucapkan, karena Gothic itu bukan keyakinan. Kami menerima siapapun yang tertarik terhadap cabang budaya ini J

Demikian penjelasan saya selama kurang lebih 2 tahun mengamati dan terlibat di dalamnya.  Kalau ada pertanyaan, kritik atau saran, mohon beritahu lewat kolom komentar, mampir ke sini atau kirim e-mail. Dengan senang hati akan saya terima, asal dengan bahasa yang sopan dan bisa dibaca dengan jelas J

Keep calm and stay goth!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What is Gothic Subculture?

Penjelasan lebih lengkap dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini.

A: Are you a goth?
B: Yes!
A: I wanna know, what is it?
B: … You know, kinda dark thingy…

Hahah, I bet you have seen or heard this kind of situation. Or you, who might read this, black outfit and black lippy may spring to mind when I write the word ‘Goth’.

For your information, Gothic is a lifestyle, also a music based subculture. Why ‘sub’? Well, Punk was the root of the movement after 70s, began in England – when punk ‘died’, a new culture was born from its ‘ashes’, which is to this day called Gothic. That’s why it still related with especially music, the fashion, style, culture, and so on. I believe you can find more sources about Gothic subculture on the internet provide the answers better than me, and  it depends on whom you ask, how you ask. There are many Goths have explained so I won’t write much. I know these cultures are generally considered similar but you may not tell if punks wear black means they are Goths, no no XD

Most Goths are very fond of art, literature, and music. Some of them may do the body modification, have tattoos or piercing. Goths have unique sense of vintage fashion, which is may easily known by people as goth character. Um, please note that we also have dry and morbid sense of humor, abstract thoughts, tend to be individual, and are open-minded J Yes, Goths are also typically empathic, patient and giving, so we try to assist and identify with the underdogs, scapegoats, and less fortunate in life. Most importantly, Goths all have a deep love and appreciation for the obscure, mysterious and secret parts of life, death, the universe, and of course, the darkness. (The bold statement is from http://tinyisrafel.wordpress.com/aboutgoth/) Goths also would like to encourage non-goths as well as themselves to expand their skills and interests without fear of being bullied or mocked. I think it is reasonable since we always become the bullying subjects; because we are weirdos in our weird world, so deal with it dude!

About fashion, we like creating our own style and DIY stuff, which actually makes us don’t dress alike. Some people may admire it, while others label you a bad thing. Although we do wear black, there are actually many types of goth style, even the one who wears pink, yellow, green, or even white! I’ll post about the types later :3 And hey, most of us don’t wear black all the time. We just prefer black and another dark colors.. >.>

Nahhh i know you have seen this picture many times :P

Real Goths are not depressing and suicidal as what ignorant humans have assumed. Goths are often mistaken as dangerous or mad people, satan worshipers for wearing all-in-black and liking darker side of things. Because of those misconceptions, people are like, “Dear, you need Jesus. Seriously. Right now.” Or the worst thing, “Someone please call any Father from the church, there’s an evilish-look person who definitely needs exorcism!!” Listen. Being a goth DOESN’T make someone to be bad or even mad. Goths are actually tend to be optimistic, NON-VIOLENT, tolerant and friendly! FRIENDLY! We do have normal friends like you too.  Of course, we all are human being. Please, do not ever judge a book from its cover, never. :’( The FACT is there are Goths who are Christian (like meh), Moslem, Jewish, Wicca, Atheist, and another beliefs which they believe in, and there are Goths from every region of the world; every race. Do you know the Africans also can be Goths? Certainly sure. They do exist.

An interesting statement from wiki.answers.com actually is clear enough: They are not judging you because you are Goth. They are judging you because you are significantly different from the norm that they are accustomed to. They’ll stop judging you just as soon as you behave the way they would prefer. And now, would you like to fulfil their demands? Follow the crowds and feel more safe in the circle, just because the fear of being mocked? No, forget that stupid prejudice. You are the way you are.
However, there is no permanent guidelines of being a Goth. There is no such an oath needed in order to be goth. Not all stays ‘Goth’ 24/7. Some (include me) also have casual style, or normal appearance with blue jeans, you may say. It all comes back to yourself, what makes you feel confident, what makes you to be the real you. Wearing colorful t-shirt and sandals won’t drop your goth identity forever. As Amy of Juliet’s Lace said on her blog, “It depends on what goth does for you as to how much want to involve it in your everyday life. In other words, we’re not all Adora BatBrat, and that’s OK.” It’s fine if you have another taste out of Gothic subculture, like pop culture (remember, don’t add it too much!), it could mean you have wider knowledge. Just don’t force yourself  to apply any goth-sense in every aspect of your life. Read gothy books, learn histories, do any observation, get to know more about it, and time for you to get involved in the society!

Keep calm and stay goth!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lotion Jerawat

Still about product of Martha Tilaar..

Before, i've tried the acne care facial foam and it's not bad :-) you can read it here.

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lotion Jerawat (Acne Care Lotion)

This is an acne care lotion (In Bahasa Indonesia: lotion jerawat) produced by Martha Tilaar. I was attracted to buy this lotion because I was soooo confused of finding some products that will cure my acnes because first, I was still a teenager and that time I thought it was just hormonal acnes. So i would not make my skin heavy of any acne care product. Second, I didn’t have any idea what products I would need. Third, I used to assume that more pricey a beauty product, the higher my skin’s chance got cured.

BUT… Now I know, now I’m more experienced by a method called “trial and error” J I will explain it next time!

Back to topic, it comes with a palm-size bottle sealed by green plastic contains of 100 ml of acne care liquid. 100 ml is pretty much for daily use! This product claims no animal testing and dermatologically tester. There is a cap to cover the flip-top lid.

Covered with green plastic seal

Here’s what the back cover says:
“With fine sulfur and Pegagan to help reduce acnes”
In Bahasa Indonesia: “Mengandung belerang halus dan Pegagan untuk membantu mengurangi jerawat”
Hmm… is it true? :3

See the liquid? It is pink with yellowish granules. I think the yellow ones are the fine sulfur. So you have to shake the bottle before use. Don’t forget to clean your face well first! For optimal result use Sariayu Acne Care Mask and Acne Care Facial Foam (Busa Pembersih Jerawat). Unfortunately, I have spent the whole foam before I bought the lotion X’D

The back side cover...

And here’s the warning:
“May irritate sensitive skin, especially for the first time user. The color might change due to the nature of natural ingredients used without effecting the quality.”
“Hati-hati penggunaan pada kulit sensitif, terutama pada pemakaian tahap awal. Karena kandungan bahan alami, sewaktu-waktu warna bisa berubah tanpa terjadi perubahan kualitas produk.”
I must say the first point is true. It would like sting your acne when you applied the lotion. So my suggestion to you is not to apply on your open wound, I mean open acne. I know you are tempted to pinch those “ripening tomatoes”! I did it too LOL. That would be very very hurt and cause a pus on your acne (In Bahasa Indonesia: jerawat bernanah karena iritasi).

This product is registered on BPOM, and it shows the expired date

Mission: to conquer the tomato twins on my left cheek lol

I tested the lotion to two red “tomatoes” on my left cheek which I guess it caused by mosquito’s bite and i scratched them unintentionally when i slept. After face-washing I wanted to know how it works so I applied it pure without using other product (I usually use Acnes’ *cough cough*) before I went bed. It also has a sense of menthol(?) when it touches your skin.

Comparing: Oct 6 - Oct 26 - Nov 10
As you can see my bare face, there's red area which was also acnes that came out before the 'twins'. I applied the lotion on the all of redness area. Nah, the evidence talks! :D

So here’s my evaluation of Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lotion Jerawat:
Positive Points:
1.      Economical usage.
2.      Cheap, about IDR 25,000,- and you can save your money for months!
3.      Contains sulfur. I heard it’s good for skin problems.
4.      It does reduce your acne.
5.      It has good scent. I don’t know how to describe scents I’m sorry DX

Negative Points:
1.      I doubt about this product availability on another country. I haven’t asked the company.
2.      It may cause an irritation.
3.      It may hurt your skin.
4.      Not travel-friendly. You have to share it in a small bottle.
5.      It may dry your skin.

Scores: 4 of 5 stars

Possibility to repurchase: No, i still have much of it and I’ll use another acne care product of Martha Tilaar :D

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lotion Jerawat may good for you who:
1.      Looking for cheap but great product!
2.      Loves local product :3
3.      Has no problem with sulfur
4.      Has no sensitive skin
5.      Can deal with scents. It doesn’t too fragrant, anyway.

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lotion Jerawat may bad for you who:
1.      Has problem with sulfur
2.      Has sensitive skin
3.      Has dry skin, because it may dry your acne area.
4.      Can’t deal with fragrance, though I think it’s not too fragrant.

After Face. I fought the "twins" and won! XD

Disclaimer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.