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Beauty Treats Indonesia: November Box

I was wondering about beauty boxes that I was interested with. I read some bloggers’ blog that showed adorable things from the box, so I tried to choose one of beauty box services in Indonesia, and it was Beauty Treats Indonesia J

Ehm, there will be a lot of pictures. But don't worry, the sizes aren't too big so you can read my blog by phone.

Who is Beauty Treats Indonesia?

Rebecca Reijman. How to read 'Reijman', anyway? XD

BTI is a company who makes a concept of monthly subscription service that you should pay first, of course, and they will deliver the beauty box to your doorstep. The founder of BTI is Rebecca Reijman; a singer, a songwriter from Den Haag.

Beauty Treats Indonesia - The Number 1 Beauty Box Service in Indonesia
click this picture will direct you to the BTI web..I suggest you to subscribe ;)
I heard that this box was made of recycled waste paper. Well done!
The box was shipped by TIKI service on 15th November 2013

The beauty box~

Let’s see the box! It arrived about 2 weeks ago. It came with a green theme. The color is so refreshing like the young leaves and I think it symbolizes nature. Actually I prefer blue or purple but never mind la~ I paid IDR 125.000 for 1 month subscription two months ago as a trial. I thought I would receive the October box but they have run out of the boxes, so my turn was in this month. I got 8 items which consisted of 4 sachet samples of skincare, eye makeup remover sheets, vial perfume, 2 pcs little acne covers, and a magazine. Oh, I didn’t find any discount voucher, heehee :3

Green is fresh. Look, the box has a magnetic lid ^^

the mini booklet. I got exactly what products are included in it.

Here comes the beauty stuff!

Cita Cinta Magazine with Nikita Willy as the cover model.
It's been so long i haven't read teen magazine for a long time yet lol

I was surprised when I opened the box. It was just ...... XD

The sachet samples. One of them is crumpled >3<

Hmm, think about it. Didn’t mean to be hypocrite, I sell samples too, but I thought the sachet samples shouldn’t have been there too many since the box was meant to be surprise. It’s okay if there was just at least two, but four? How would I know if those skincare samples work for me? I know it sounds like it is better getting them freely from the sales promotion people at the shopping centre or buying real size Korean cosmetics as a compliment. I prefer sample in mini tube even though just one or two because at least it contains more than the sachets. So this way, I’m not satisfied (maklum orang maruk, hahahah… :p )

I got three samples of Trilogy and one sample of lotion. Trilogy is the skincare product from New Zealand and the body lotion is from Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender. Eye makeup remover in sheets sounds new to me, hahah.. It is a great idea and travel-friendly item! Unfortunately, I never use black mascara, except the transparent (or clear) mascara from Oriflame, which is now discontinued product. Even if I had used the colored one, i would like to remove it with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to take care of my eye lashes growth. Hmm.. Should I try? :3

Koji Etiquette & Travel Eyemakeoff Sheet

About the acne cover, it might be very useful for me. My face skin is acne-prone XD The acne covers are also easy to be found in any drugstore or supermarket. I don’t remember how much it is. And then, I love the package of Eau de Parfum Pleats Please by Issey Miyake because it's neat and interesting XD Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of fragrance.

Nexcare acne cover!

Eau de Parfum Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

So what are you gonna do?

What I’m going to do is just share the first impression for the next post. The conclusion is… I’m glad that I have gotten my box. I looked on, the products given to me got great rating, which meant they are all well-formulated. Wow, the surprise is a good deal, BTI. Thank you J

Possibility to subscribe again: No, I want to try another service :3

If you are interested to get the beauty box, sign up right now here. Who knows you will get another unique things! ;)

Have you received your box? How is it?

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