Monday, November 18, 2013

What is Gothic Subculture?

Penjelasan lebih lengkap dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini.

A: Are you a goth?
B: Yes!
A: I wanna know, what is it?
B: … You know, kinda dark thingy…

Hahah, I bet you have seen or heard this kind of situation. Or you, who might read this, black outfit and black lippy may spring to mind when I write the word ‘Goth’.

For your information, Gothic is a lifestyle, also a music based subculture. Why ‘sub’? Well, Punk was the root of the movement after 70s, began in England – when punk ‘died’, a new culture was born from its ‘ashes’, which is to this day called Gothic. That’s why it still related with especially music, the fashion, style, culture, and so on. I believe you can find more sources about Gothic subculture on the internet provide the answers better than me, and  it depends on whom you ask, how you ask. There are many Goths have explained so I won’t write much. I know these cultures are generally considered similar but you may not tell if punks wear black means they are Goths, no no XD

Most Goths are very fond of art, literature, and music. Some of them may do the body modification, have tattoos or piercing. Goths have unique sense of vintage fashion, which is may easily known by people as goth character. Um, please note that we also have dry and morbid sense of humor, abstract thoughts, tend to be individual, and are open-minded J Yes, Goths are also typically empathic, patient and giving, so we try to assist and identify with the underdogs, scapegoats, and less fortunate in life. Most importantly, Goths all have a deep love and appreciation for the obscure, mysterious and secret parts of life, death, the universe, and of course, the darkness. (The bold statement is from Goths also would like to encourage non-goths as well as themselves to expand their skills and interests without fear of being bullied or mocked. I think it is reasonable since we always become the bullying subjects; because we are weirdos in our weird world, so deal with it dude!

About fashion, we like creating our own style and DIY stuff, which actually makes us don’t dress alike. Some people may admire it, while others label you a bad thing. Although we do wear black, there are actually many types of goth style, even the one who wears pink, yellow, green, or even white! I’ll post about the types later :3 And hey, most of us don’t wear black all the time. We just prefer black and another dark colors.. >.>

Nahhh i know you have seen this picture many times :P

Real Goths are not depressing and suicidal as what ignorant humans have assumed. Goths are often mistaken as dangerous or mad people, satan worshipers for wearing all-in-black and liking darker side of things. Because of those misconceptions, people are like, “Dear, you need Jesus. Seriously. Right now.” Or the worst thing, “Someone please call any Father from the church, there’s an evilish-look person who definitely needs exorcism!!” Listen. Being a goth DOESN’T make someone to be bad or even mad. Goths are actually tend to be optimistic, NON-VIOLENT, tolerant and friendly! FRIENDLY! We do have normal friends like you too.  Of course, we all are human being. Please, do not ever judge a book from its cover, never. :’( The FACT is there are Goths who are Christian (like meh), Moslem, Jewish, Wicca, Atheist, and another beliefs which they believe in, and there are Goths from every region of the world; every race. Do you know the Africans also can be Goths? Certainly sure. They do exist.

An interesting statement from actually is clear enough: They are not judging you because you are Goth. They are judging you because you are significantly different from the norm that they are accustomed to. They’ll stop judging you just as soon as you behave the way they would prefer. And now, would you like to fulfil their demands? Follow the crowds and feel more safe in the circle, just because the fear of being mocked? No, forget that stupid prejudice. You are the way you are.
However, there is no permanent guidelines of being a Goth. There is no such an oath needed in order to be goth. Not all stays ‘Goth’ 24/7. Some (include me) also have casual style, or normal appearance with blue jeans, you may say. It all comes back to yourself, what makes you feel confident, what makes you to be the real you. Wearing colorful t-shirt and sandals won’t drop your goth identity forever. As Amy of Juliet’s Lace said on her blog, “It depends on what goth does for you as to how much want to involve it in your everyday life. In other words, we’re not all Adora BatBrat, and that’s OK.” It’s fine if you have another taste out of Gothic subculture, like pop culture (remember, don’t add it too much!), it could mean you have wider knowledge. Just don’t force yourself  to apply any goth-sense in every aspect of your life. Read gothy books, learn histories, do any observation, get to know more about it, and time for you to get involved in the society!

Keep calm and stay goth!

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