Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year

I watched with envy that I wish I could celebrate like the real Chinese do – a fifteen day celebration and take a long time for holiday, which is impossible to get here XD However, I’m glad to have a rest even just one, or three days, because the boss hasn’t told me whether tomorrow is an off-day. WTF she doesn’t deserve to be a good boss. OOPS :p

So yeah, Chinese do have their own calendar - lunar calendar which is related to the moon movement and twelve animal symbols as zodiac signs and five elements of life that are also attached to you when you are born. This day is the beginning year of horse, its element now is wood. If you don’t know which zodiac and element are you in, you may check here (in Bahasa Indonesia) or here (in English).

Just for your information, there are some (random) facts and reason that are related to this post:
  • Chinese new year starts on the first darkest day and continue until the fifteenth, when the moon is the brightest.
  • In China, people may take weeks or maybe a month holiday from work to prepare for and celebrate new year.
  • At new year celebration, people wear red clothes, hang red lantern in front of their house, give children with “lucky money” in red envelopes which are called “Hong Bao” (read: Hong Pao, or some people pronounce it Ang Pao), light the fireworks, gather with the whole family, make lion dance (which is called Barongsai in my place) and dragon dance show, and so on~ Red symbolizes fire and braveness, which according to legend may throw away the bad luck.
  • People who were born in horse years may be gifted with talented hands, active, quick-witted, good in handling finance and business, but may be lack of confidence, impatient, or a bit selfish.
  • Rembrandt and Chopin were born in the year of horse.
  • The dog, tiger, goat, or snake may be the most compatible with horse people, according to Chinese astrology, not my saying lol.

Snacks at Chinese New Year, from my office partner :3

About me:
  • I have a mixed race in my blood. My mother is a Sundanese, my father is a Chinese descendant. That’s why I (don’t really) celebrate it.
  • As from the statement above, technically, I am not CHINESE. Serious, I hate people mocking and insulting me as china weirdo for unknown discrimination reasons. My eyes are big enough and have piled up lids. I don’t even know much about China, and I can’t speak Mandarin. I am INDONESIAN.
  • I was born in the year of rooster with water element.
  • When I got bonus from work, I always spent it by buying cookies, chocolates, oranges and saved some for my mom.
  • I still and will still receive red envelopes until I get married. Hahaha XD
The red envelopes i have collected XD

I do hope in this year of horse may bring peace and luck to us. Yes, The prayer is for all of the living things on the earth.

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Xin Nian Kuai Le
Wan Shi Ru Yi
Shen Ti Jian Kang

Listening to Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Outfit Post #1 : Very Casual


It’s my first outfit post of daily work wear. It’s just the very very casual ones.

There’s no dress code in the office’s rules, but wearing dress-whatever-you-like or dress-like-you-are-at-home isn’t allowed though. I rarely wear skirt and high heel shoes because it is kinda annoying when I have to go to college right from office by a public shared-ride vehicle, then running if the class is soon to be started.

Black polkadot blouse from Simplicity
Dark brown belt – it’s my mom’s
Black legging from a local market

Black with white line shirt  from Sister (I think it’s local brand)
Black trousers, not black jeans though
Unbranded black shoes – from a local market XD

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flood (Still) Hits Jakarta

The situation is getting worse since the rain keeps falling without stopping. Well, sometimes it stops, and then comes rain, and stops, and rains and so on..  Heavy rain hampers almost all of the traffics, which also can cause any accident and get stuck on the damaged road. The business side is also affected  due to economic reason. The prices become higher, the primary commodity becomes rare (the quality is also decreased), vegetables, fruits and other plants can’t grow normally. Many citizens lost their home, their money, their time, their job, and the worst - their beloved ones.

I haven’t posted anything yet because of this happening. I couldn’t work for a few days, since the water covered some roads that I always go through. Unfortunately, the(dirty) water flowed into my room, and it was ankle-deep which was enough to soak the underside of your wardrobe and refrigerator. The worse part is I was running out of clean water, so I didn’t bath at all, then I got very poor signal or internet connection, and the worst part is... I had a fucking blackout for 17 hours!!! I didn’t even see the daylights but five candles!

Apologize for taking no pictures because I was in panic mode and desperate of holding on…

However, my condition was better than people who live in Manado or Kampung Pulo. I didn’t need to be evacuated and got on the plastic boat to find a shared-shelter, I still could stay even I had to take pot luck. I hope they get helped by many helping hand. They deserved a proper medical help, food aid, relief fund and moral support.

Here the links about flood that happened close to my living area:

The latest news (in Bahasa Indonesia):

It hasn’t ended. I think we all should be aware of the peak of rainy season that probably causes another high flood. Just prepare yourself. Amen!


It's going to be March but the rain hasn't ended yet! Anyway here is the picture i got around my place:


See? I know it is better than what happened in another places, but this condition will make your car and motor machine broken and your shoes are completely stink.
Stay safe and save your shoes!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Babybat Babygoth

Once a time during break at school…

A: Hey, tell me. Who’s that singing? Who are you listening to? *pointing at my playlist*
Me: This is Bauhaus’! Do you know who Peter Murphy is? Or Siouxsie Sioux?
A: …. Um, nope. *poker face*
Me: You don’t know? It’s nice to be heard if you want to try to listen. And here’s The Banshees’, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure.. *offering earphone*
A: No, thanks.
Me: ……. Kay kay bye X’D

Hahah, that was just one of funny situations that jeez - most of people looked like this everytime I tried to show - at least goth-ish stuff (I never show it directly like, “hey I’m so gawff...” -_-) I mean, come on! I just found this subculture is very interesting about 4 years ago and almost no one cares. Great. I’m not alone, I know.. I just don’t get why people look so normal? *cheering up myself and finally ends up crying* At least I can spread my own world here right? XD

I admit that I was the latecomer to this subculture, which is considered as a babybat, or babygoth (babybat term is more popular though). The meaning of Babybat can be derogatory or affectionate, depends on what you think about. It can be said as young people (most are generally from 13 – or younger to 17 – may be above) that are totally new to Gothic subculture, inexperienced of course, and try to master the acquirements of dressing properly and applying makeup techniques. But the most important thing is to try to listen the music.

Speaking of Babybat, I’m gonna tell ya how I could be.

It was happened in 2010 or late 2011, started from the rock band I adore so much until this day, sort of band like Nightwish or Sirenia and others. I thought the band was totally goth as the lyrics went dark and gloomy, as the performance for wearing gothic fashion on the stage. I got this belief because my friends – the fans of the bands said so. Did you see what I just wrote? The FANS! These fans, I knew they had followed the band for years. Sad but true, seems they didn’t try to find out anything about this band in detail, include the real music genre. So they were like, “Ooh I’m so gawwwff I listen to this dark music”, “If you like them, then automatically you’re a goth for real, if you still listen to pop culture, don’t tell me you are.” ”Look what pictures I got! She’s the goth metal queen right??” You know, it’s the picture of sexy Simone Simons -_-. Haha.
Awww yeaah...
Back to my favorite band. I surfed on internet as much as I could to seek the truth. I got the band’s genre was actually hard rock with symphonic touch, wearing gothic fashion doesn’t make you completely a goth, and not all gloomy thingies are called goth. I PROVE them the real information include the pictures. Guess what? You know what happened next.*cuddling myself at the dark corner*

Trying not to force them, I threw it all from my mind, except one thing unclear: GOTHIC. Time by time I surfed more on internet. I learned there were many types of goth, how to appropriately dressed, how to apply the makeup, read the history, the literature, the manner, and so on. Those aspects attracted me so well and fits my introvert personality. Once a time I was ever mistaken for emo style and ever thought both emo and goth were the same :p

I always search any sources as much as I can. You know, Wikipedia is not accurate at all. There are goth bloggers that I use as my guide (Stripy Tights and Dark Delights, Gothic Charm School, Confessions of Australian Goth, many more), since I don’t have any mentor here, and I don’t even see any eldergoth walking around the city. If there IS someone which is seemed as the right person, it is maybe just a non-goth wearing such a band t-shirt with skinny jeans which is listening to current pop culture. FYI, I live far far away from where the subculture was born. The word Gothic itself is almost never mentioned here. Internet saves me!

If it wasn’t started by this band, maybe I would never feel the dare way to be different. I was like being introduced undirectly to this unique subculture. The name of the band? I’ll keep it for the next episode lol.
By the way, I just knew someone out there, in south-east Asia, who did her struggle hardly of being a babybat by herself (and now with her darkling, Jetherine Son if I’m not mistaken), and it made me so happy knowing I’m not alone! I thank a friend named Yhudiz Dracoz for this! He told me about who Minxie Villaver is :’)

I may be not good enough to tell the hints, but here are links that you must read to get many great tips from the gurus. Just click the highlighted links!

Hope you find your missing dark pieces. Good luck!

“You never need to conform to other peoples standards.” – Dani DeathBiscuit

Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Earphone (IEM) dbE WS10

Okeh, karena saya sedang lelah, post kali ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia plus campur-campur. Hari ini saya akan bahas sesuatu, bukan skincare, bukan makeup, bukan sulap, bukan sihir.. *nah lho* Jujur, saya kurang tertarik dengan hal yang berhubungan dengan gadget karena ora ngerti opo opo soal iki, maklum saya agak ndeso soal teknologi :p

Beberapa bulan yang lalu, earphone Samsung Galaxy Wonder saya rusak, atau lebih tepatnya dirusak oleh adik laki-laki saya karena kurang bisa merawat barang dengan baik dan benar (hampir sama barbarnya sama si kakak), mungkin kabelnya sering terbelit karena hampir setiap malam terbawa tidur sambil dengar lagu.

Karena saya gak betah dengar lagu tanpa earphone, saya terpaksa beli (dibeliin sih, ehem) IEM yang murah alias abal abal di sebuah toko di mall dan setelah 2 minggu mati sebelah, yang satunya lagi bermasalah dengan kabelnya. Padahal sudah susah payah dijaga sebaik-baiknya. Yaiyalah, apa sih yang bisa diharapkan dari IEM seharga 20 ribu, hahaha… FYI bagi yang belum tau, IEM singkatan dari In-Ear Monitor, adalah salah satu jenis earphone yang bagian ujungnya berbentuk bulat dan dimasukkan ke dalam telinga, tidak seperti jenis earbud yang hanya “menempel” di luar telinga. Jadi, suara-suara berisik/noise tidak akan terdengar saat mendengarkan lagu walaupun dalam volume suara yang masih wajar :)

Setelah bertanya ke orang yang lebih berpengalaman, saya direkomendasikan untuk menggunakan IEM dbE WS10. dbE adalah singkatan dari Don’t Blame Your Ears, buatan lokal Indonesia di bidang audio. Tidak hanya earphone, dbE juga menyediakan headphone, speaker, dan lain-lain beserta aksesorisnya.

Kabelnya tebal, berwarna merah terang, tempat speakernya/housing terbuat dari kayu yang membuatnya terlihat classy. Di dalam kemasan, tersedia 2 pasang eartips cadangan berukuran kecil dan besar, dan yang berukuran sedang sudah terpasang, siap dipakai. Wujud nyatanya bisa dilihat pada gambar-gambar di bawah ini.

Driver: 8mm Speaker
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Cable length: 1, 2 meter
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity: 101db

Saya sudah tes pakai selama 2 bulan (setiap hari, beberapa jam) sebelum tulisan ini dibuat. Selain di hp, saya gunakan pula di notebook Acer Aspire V5-121. Jujur, saya kurang bisa menjelaskan secara rinci soal kualitas suara. Sebagai orang awam, yang saya rasakan vokal terdengar jernih, halus, dan nyata, cocok untuk penggemar musik dengan suara bass yang menonjol, seperti saya :3 Saya pikir bahan kayu yang digunakan untuk housing berpengaruh dalam menghasilkan suara tersebut. Lagu-lagu yang sering saya dengarkan dengan dbE WS10 adalah Evanescence, Amaranthe, Rammstein, Halestorm, Switchblade Symphony, Fever Ray, Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre, Liv Moon, Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato, dll.

Mau tau harganya? Rp 125.000,- aja saudara-saudari.. XD This is such a steal! Cocok banget buat kalian yang mencari IEM dengan low budget. Oh ya, kalau berminat bisa email ke atau whatsapp ke 08989386899 (Yordi). Mau yang lebih murah lagi? Sebelum pesan, sertakan link blog ini untuk mendapat potongan 5% dari saya ^_^ Mumpung lagi baik hati nih, hahaha..

Mohon abaikan penampakan ini :p

Review ini dibuat sejujur-jujurnya berdasarkan pengalaman saya, si penulis blog. Produk tersebut murni dibeli dengan uang saya sendiri. Semoga berguna untuk para pecinta audio dan pecinta produk lokal :)