Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flood (Still) Hits Jakarta

The situation is getting worse since the rain keeps falling without stopping. Well, sometimes it stops, and then comes rain, and stops, and rains and so on..  Heavy rain hampers almost all of the traffics, which also can cause any accident and get stuck on the damaged road. The business side is also affected  due to economic reason. The prices become higher, the primary commodity becomes rare (the quality is also decreased), vegetables, fruits and other plants can’t grow normally. Many citizens lost their home, their money, their time, their job, and the worst - their beloved ones.

I haven’t posted anything yet because of this happening. I couldn’t work for a few days, since the water covered some roads that I always go through. Unfortunately, the(dirty) water flowed into my room, and it was ankle-deep which was enough to soak the underside of your wardrobe and refrigerator. The worse part is I was running out of clean water, so I didn’t bath at all, then I got very poor signal or internet connection, and the worst part is... I had a fucking blackout for 17 hours!!! I didn’t even see the daylights but five candles!

Apologize for taking no pictures because I was in panic mode and desperate of holding on…

However, my condition was better than people who live in Manado or Kampung Pulo. I didn’t need to be evacuated and got on the plastic boat to find a shared-shelter, I still could stay even I had to take pot luck. I hope they get helped by many helping hand. They deserved a proper medical help, food aid, relief fund and moral support.

Here the links about flood that happened close to my living area:

The latest news (in Bahasa Indonesia):

It hasn’t ended. I think we all should be aware of the peak of rainy season that probably causes another high flood. Just prepare yourself. Amen!


It's going to be March but the rain hasn't ended yet! Anyway here is the picture i got around my place:


See? I know it is better than what happened in another places, but this condition will make your car and motor machine broken and your shoes are completely stink.
Stay safe and save your shoes!

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