Friday, January 17, 2014

Babybat Babygoth

Once a time during break at school…

A: Hey, tell me. Who’s that singing? Who are you listening to? *pointing at my playlist*
Me: This is Bauhaus’! Do you know who Peter Murphy is? Or Siouxsie Sioux?
A: …. Um, nope. *poker face*
Me: You don’t know? It’s nice to be heard if you want to try to listen. And here’s The Banshees’, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure.. *offering earphone*
A: No, thanks.
Me: ……. Kay kay bye X’D

Hahah, that was just one of funny situations that jeez - most of people looked like this everytime I tried to show - at least goth-ish stuff (I never show it directly like, “hey I’m so gawff...” -_-) I mean, come on! I just found this subculture is very interesting about 4 years ago and almost no one cares. Great. I’m not alone, I know.. I just don’t get why people look so normal? *cheering up myself and finally ends up crying* At least I can spread my own world here right? XD

I admit that I was the latecomer to this subculture, which is considered as a babybat, or babygoth (babybat term is more popular though). The meaning of Babybat can be derogatory or affectionate, depends on what you think about. It can be said as young people (most are generally from 13 – or younger to 17 – may be above) that are totally new to Gothic subculture, inexperienced of course, and try to master the acquirements of dressing properly and applying makeup techniques. But the most important thing is to try to listen the music.

Speaking of Babybat, I’m gonna tell ya how I could be.

It was happened in 2010 or late 2011, started from the rock band I adore so much until this day, sort of band like Nightwish or Sirenia and others. I thought the band was totally goth as the lyrics went dark and gloomy, as the performance for wearing gothic fashion on the stage. I got this belief because my friends – the fans of the bands said so. Did you see what I just wrote? The FANS! These fans, I knew they had followed the band for years. Sad but true, seems they didn’t try to find out anything about this band in detail, include the real music genre. So they were like, “Ooh I’m so gawwwff I listen to this dark music”, “If you like them, then automatically you’re a goth for real, if you still listen to pop culture, don’t tell me you are.” ”Look what pictures I got! She’s the goth metal queen right??” You know, it’s the picture of sexy Simone Simons -_-. Haha.
Awww yeaah...
Back to my favorite band. I surfed on internet as much as I could to seek the truth. I got the band’s genre was actually hard rock with symphonic touch, wearing gothic fashion doesn’t make you completely a goth, and not all gloomy thingies are called goth. I PROVE them the real information include the pictures. Guess what? You know what happened next.*cuddling myself at the dark corner*

Trying not to force them, I threw it all from my mind, except one thing unclear: GOTHIC. Time by time I surfed more on internet. I learned there were many types of goth, how to appropriately dressed, how to apply the makeup, read the history, the literature, the manner, and so on. Those aspects attracted me so well and fits my introvert personality. Once a time I was ever mistaken for emo style and ever thought both emo and goth were the same :p

I always search any sources as much as I can. You know, Wikipedia is not accurate at all. There are goth bloggers that I use as my guide (Stripy Tights and Dark Delights, Gothic Charm School, Confessions of Australian Goth, many more), since I don’t have any mentor here, and I don’t even see any eldergoth walking around the city. If there IS someone which is seemed as the right person, it is maybe just a non-goth wearing such a band t-shirt with skinny jeans which is listening to current pop culture. FYI, I live far far away from where the subculture was born. The word Gothic itself is almost never mentioned here. Internet saves me!

If it wasn’t started by this band, maybe I would never feel the dare way to be different. I was like being introduced undirectly to this unique subculture. The name of the band? I’ll keep it for the next episode lol.
By the way, I just knew someone out there, in south-east Asia, who did her struggle hardly of being a babybat by herself (and now with her darkling, Jetherine Son if I’m not mistaken), and it made me so happy knowing I’m not alone! I thank a friend named Yhudiz Dracoz for this! He told me about who Minxie Villaver is :’)

I may be not good enough to tell the hints, but here are links that you must read to get many great tips from the gurus. Just click the highlighted links!

Hope you find your missing dark pieces. Good luck!

“You never need to conform to other peoples standards.” – Dani DeathBiscuit

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