Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Memories of 2013 And New Year's Resolutions

Can't believe the time goes so fast! Before we go right to the resolutions, let's see what i've been going through..

January. Flood struck Jakarta for days! The dirty water came into my room and all of the bottom parts were... a bit drowned. The rain never stopped falling! I even had to drain the water from inside, and made blocks from wax to prevent whatever coming from the outside and kept my room dry then. Clothes, shoes, cats, and bats? Saved xD

February. Got my bangs cut, also the damaged roots. I've dyed it into jet black. And now i need to repeat it all again.

March. For the first in my grown up age, i was diagnosed by a contagious disease called mononucleosis infectiosa. The doctor said there was epstein barr virus in my body. In normal language, it looked like measles. For the medical treatment, i couldn't go out for three days.

April. Watching Iron Man 3. The points i got from this eccentric superhero is: relax, be smart, be rich. That's how you enjoy life LOL~

May. My online store began to harvest its income and the demands increased.

June. I just got tested by technical problems of managing online store. Bless me *angelic voice from heaven*

July. Shopping time. No, sightseeing time :-P I was taking a look to a department store and ended up by buyin a new jacket :-P Oh come on i only have just one with broken zipper in my closet!

August. I accompanied mom to visit her hometown, once a year, somewhere at West Java, for celebrating Lebaran (moslems occasional day). Miss the fresh air :/

September. Just had my first notebook, to support the needs of work and lectures. The cool thing is the color. Metalic blue :3

October. One - The first time celebrating birthday without any cake but donuts xD And then, two - i never thought i would get the outing class in this semester. I think the college should make it more, hahah.. Three - i draw the cracked skin on my face due to tribute to halloween's day :-)

November. It's been a long time for facing mid exam but i could do it. Unfortunately, the rain started to fall again. Time to save the cats.

December. The exam report has been released! Good marks made me smile for a while :D Christmas holiday was fun too. I spent the night with my boyfriend and his family ♥

Phew, overall 2013 was quite awesome. Let's see what i'll commit to.

First. Find another job. I'm sick of being unrespected by my boss and evil partners - you may say. Accounting is not easy, you old fags!

Second. Focus on business. My side business begins to take its first step to walk, like a baby. Bless me *angelic voice from heaven again*

Third. Keep writing and make some besties. You know this part la.

Fourth and another will be a very long story to be written here. Well, glad to know i'm surviving! XD Happy new year 2014, everyone. What's your resolutions?

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