Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Stay Goth During The Rain

There are only two seasons in my country and this month is full of daily rainfall. It has been raining here in Indonesia for two or three months. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t.  I wish I could sleep at home when it’s raining. I hate it when there’s a sudden rain at the same time I go to college after work. Making you wet everyday when you want to go outside for your duty is not good. Imagine you are on the way to school or workplace, and suddenly comes the rain, you arrive with damp velvet boots, wets your jacket, messy make up, and freezy hair as the wind blew you over.. =_=

Fortunately, I live in tropical place so the rainy season probably won’t stay long after Chinese New Year. I couldn’t predict when the rain comes (of course, who could?) so I got easily wet for wearing no rain coat or using umbrella. I always forgot to bring one of them lol. However, I want to share some tips to keep you cool during the rain :D

One. Have at least two umbrellas and raincoat. Keep it at the side of your main door, in case you wanna go out or as a change if the one is broken, and bring the other one wherever you go. Raincoats may be more effective for motorcycle users. Put it in your bag. I choose to bring my own umbrella, or sometimes a raincoat if my boyfriend comes to drive me home.

Two. Wear coat, jacket, or sweater to keep you warm. The strong wind of a pouring rain may make you freeze. Wear it, unless you want to catch the cold or hypothermia.

Three. Footwear is important. Boots, docs, or whatever is waterproof. If you don’t want your socks or tights get wet, wear sandals. However, you need to clean your unprotected feet area. I personally prefer sandals for its effectiveness, because I have to go to college immediately at the rush hour and it takes less than 5 seconds to wear! XD

Four. Get yourself a waterproof bag, or bring a plastic bag to save your stuff safe from being soaked. It is a must to cover your laptop and your papers, especially if you are Corp Goth! :D

Five. Do not let your wet clothes pile in a basket for a long time. Wash them soon, or choose laundry service, because bad bacteria will start growing in humid areas. Fungus on your underwears and socks? Eewwww :v

Six. Make a basic ritual for a good hygiene! Take a bath twice a day. It would be great with warm water to relax your back and your blood circulation. Well, there’s no gothy soap here, so ordinary soap is okay. Clean your face, ears, neck, armpits, feet, another private areas, and your hair! Dry shampoo is a good idea for you who in a hurry. If you don’t have any time to wash it, pull your hair back into a ponytail to avoid your greasy hair touches your face, because it will cause acnes or anything you don’t want it to grow on your face. Still wanna let your hair smelly and sticky huh?

Seven. Do not turn down your appearance. Don’t be afraid when all of your black suits get wet, since it is just water! We are not cats, we are Goths.

Hope these tips may help you. Please let me know if you have any other suggestion about this. I would love to hear it J Stay dark, darklings!

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