Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Gothic Christmas

Rudolph, he will change his name
'cause Rudolph just sounds really lame
Now we'll call him Ragnagord
The evil reindeer overlord

His nose it shall be red no more
It will be blackened to the core
His eyes will glow an evil glow
To guide the chariot through the snow…

As you may have known, Christmas is an annual civil holiday in many world’s nations, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I don’t say that Christmas is only for Christians, because I welcome my mom and my brother, who are moslems to celebrate it too, and they can deal with it easily XD I have a big tolerance, underlined.

The snow hasn’t arrived yet, because there ain’t no such a snowy thing here although it’s cold since the rainy season does still exist. I can’t say, “What about wearing black so it may show the contrast with the snow?”Crap. I should have visited England. I wish I knew what snow is like.

Anyway, want something different for the Christmas time? I would like to suggest to turn on the music with a little of dark sense, of course :3 Here’s my song list:

Please keep in mind that some songs I have suggested above aren’t gothic at all, as I’ve told that they have dark atmosphere.

Our Christmas tree a year ago

We didn’t have any Christmas tree to put in our room. Well, we didn’t see any space there and there… This end of year may be busy of the clearance. About the presents? Sure, we have. Each of us will get one present. My boyfriend has gotten it before, for his birthday… plus Christmas X’D And then, the last thing I’ll do is going to the church and spend the night with my family.

What do you do on Christmas holiday? I wish you a merry Gothic Christmas!

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