Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Skeleton Dress From Rismakill Drama Darkcloth

The story starts from three weeks ago, I was hunting an outfit with the gothy-look. I need one immediately, not necessarily full gothic, just with the dark color is okay, because I have some accessories to be matched with. To be honest, I have never ordered anything from Lip Service, Heavy Red, Demonia or even Hot Topic yet. It is because they don’t ship to Indonesia, which is identified as one of the countries with the highest carding activity in the world. Dafuq T_T I have looked at some thrift stores, but all I saw is just mainstream shirts and mini skirts.

For this reason, I searched the local online shop that provides ready-to-order outfits. I found it is named Rismakill Drama Darkcloth. The owner is Rismakill Adhelia from Bandung, but currently she’s living in Makassar.

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I looked at her page album to see if any dress or any top was still available. The outfits are awesome and they are sold quickly! The great thing is that she makes all of them with her own hand. She designs, she sews. It’s great for those who appreciate hand-made stuff, love unique appearance, and love limited items!


A black dress has been chosen by me as she offered the details that I was looking for. It is actually a two-piece dress. It’s a good thing because I can wear the top with another skirt or wear the skirt with another shirt. The dress is made of cotton, so it absorbs the sweat well. The fabric isn’t rough, also not too smooth (of course it’s not silk lol), and it isn’t too thin. There’s elastic material at the top and waist part of the skirt. Oh, just noticed the skeletons pattern! I love skull :D

I got the clutch for free. Thank you so much! >.<

Here’ s the detail based on my measurement:
Size M (Asian Size)
Top Bust : Approximately 90 cm
Top Length: 57 cm
Skirt Waist: 90 and still can stretch more (mine is 83 without stretching material, different from my jeans size – you can tell the difference)
Skirt Length: 55 cm
Overall length about 112 cm

Oh hello Skellingtons :)

The shirt fits me so well, although the sleeve is kinda too short for me (showing my bare big arms). The skirt is bigger than size M was supposed to be XD I had to make it smaller.
I have worn it two times and washed it once. Glad to see the fabric color wasn’t fade. Overall, the dress it lovely to me. I can wear it to the semi-formal or informal party, to work, to college. The point is this dress is perfect for daily wear.

If you are interested with her masterpiece, come visit her page at Rismakill Drama Darkcloth. Don’t miss it! Thank you teteh Risma, you rock!

At JW Marriot Hotel

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