Sunday, September 22, 2013

At College: First Week


Last Monday i was officially started studying as an English student at a college in Central Jakarta ^_^ I have followed its academic oriented event and motivation seminar which held on last Sunday at Istora Senayan and it wasn't bad. There were famous motivators. There were also actors and actress who wanted to promote their movie. I didn't remember who were there but Andi--the leading vocal of /RIF band as the main actor and the band came to rock the stage as the ending performance! Unfortunately the sound system wasn't good enough so i left before my ears got bleeding.. =_=

The condition when the event started. I didn't know there would be so many people =_=

Day 1-3 -- i have known some new friends and none of them live very near from my home since i need accompany to go home together. The funny thing was there were only about 7 or 8 men in class! "Who run the world?? GIRLS.." Okay Beyonce said it, not me xP

At the first day, the lecturer haven't given any explanation about material to study but he already gave us assignment to do presentation within class, and students are divided into groups with each subject provided. Geez, is this what college students have to do on the first meeting? Amazing! XD

Day 4-6 -- I have known another new friends. Of course, they are also day workers and none of them live near from my home (╥﹏╥ ) Have known some lecturers too. Thank God they are friendly lol. Unfortunately i still had to study yesterday, ugh..

The system of college is computerized: presence list, college fee payment, e-learning, materials for each lecture subject from lecturer (you must download), lecture schedule, and online EXAM.. but not at all subject. So make sure you don't get poor grade and don't pay the fee late or you will get a long procedure with the system.

And the final thing i love is: FOOD.. hohoho
I found so many minimarkets, fast food restaurants: Seven Eleven, KFC, McDonald, side walk snack sellers.. There is also drugstore.. See? I won't be starving and find medicine easily xD

Overall, it isn't bad to be there. How about your first experience at college?

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