Friday, May 8, 2015

Poem Post #4: Call Me Kartini - Collaboration with Maz Leon!

This poem was made by Maz Leon, my college friend, my senior, the popular and young Indonesian poets in his circle lol. It was originally made in Bahasa Indonesia but it was translated into English by me for our English Club bulletin board at college. This poem was dedicated to commemorate one of the well-known woman figures in Indonesia, Raden Ajeng Kartini, which was celebrated every April 21st.

Call Me Kartini
© 2015 Maz Leon & Katarina Yuri

We do not own the illustration.

The piece of past – I am
The voice that keeps timing – I am
The ordinary girl – I am
Kartini – call me by that name
For my ripples of weeping
Uncertainly keeps falling
Then it is written to you poignantly
Have you ever missed
or only just kissed?
No, I’m naked still
In mother’s womb that is quiet eternally
But listen please,
Listen to this singing scream
Just a name – I am
Who is called on a period of time
Who for a moment does sorrow squeal through a quill
Now Kartini is just memory
My piece of letter is hung in agony
I don’t know
Even though the light stays still
This desire with the whole hands of mine is prepared for a reason
Not for doing nothing
Not for raving
Also not for lively pretending
Be the gleam which is calming
Let the dark be exuviated, but you stay surely strong
May you hear them
In every kind of shapes
Kartini – call me by that name
This quiet singing belongs to me