Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Poem Post #5: Shatters Shatter Shatter

Short poem inspired by the broken brooch, dedicated for the broken pieces all over the world. Enjoy!

Shatters Shatter Shatter
© 2015 Katarina Yuri

I do not own the illustration. Source: Pinterest.com

The shatters shatter shatter
So fragile it won't be better
Drop disorderly, what a manner
In a crowd won't be heard the clatter
Find the pieces like broken trust
Yet the tinies turn into specks of dust
Forsaken patience cauldron is now frozen
Too cold it stabs your every solitude bone

The shatters shatter shatter
My shadows wish it happened never
Fix it with regrets glue
Perfect figure won't come - it's true
Although it is alike not, it's you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lifehack: Fix Ma Brooch

O Greetings!
*with a bit sorrow feeling of depressed and shocked face*

How do you feel when you break something that you are supposed to take care of it the most? I hate to say this T_T

I love collecting brooches instead of wearing them often because I'm too afraid for breaking or making them dirty. One day, it happened. The only Victorian brooch I have fell down on the floor when I was trying to pin it on my work shirt. I don't know what it is made of, all I know is kind of stone, and it was shattered in pieces when it touched the ground.

There will be no other brooch like this huhuhu T_T

Why was I so sadly reckless T_T

Thinking I still could fix it, I gathered all stickable the pieces and left it in the drawer until I bought a strong adhesive glue.

Thank god it looked like a brooch again, even though there are pieces can't be flawlessly clinged. After all, I'm satisfied with my fixing.

*and then mourning to see the rough cuts*

It may sound too serious, but I saw those pieces are like broken trust. In one time, we had ever done something that let our beloved ones down. We clearly saw the cracks, the scratches, or whatever it was, which are never be united. We could fix it, but would never be the same again.