Monday, October 28, 2013

Outing Class at Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi


I have been busy lately for college. The assignments were on my top priority, rather than arranging financial statement at office when it’s actually too late to be done and managing my online store. You know la, this has priority over that and that can be done sometime instead of this.. XD Once I ever tried to write every things I should have done long time ago randomly and BAM! There is too much I have missed and forgotten! Therefore, I’m trying to do the time-and-motion-study to get in the right way.

Just entering mid semester and I’m going to face some exams. Padahal waktu pertama masuk kelas, saya pikir masih lama waktunya. And I was still be able to trifle with it. Sekarang saya tau bagaimana rasanya baru kuliah sambil kerja. Rempong ya bo.. (Eh, repot maksudnya :P) But I didn’t mean to ignore at all since it has been my consequence of various priority activities.

Okeh, enough blabberingnya~ Jadi begini ceritanya.. I had an outing class before mid-test 3 days ago. Not all my classmates were there because we had to gather at college at 7 o’clock and some of them weren’t allowed to go out at work days so yeah ~_~

Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta
Courtesy: Wikipedia
We went to Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum by bus. That day was really a scorcher and the sunbeam hurt my skin ._. Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum is a history museum with modern building about the life of Soeharto, Indonesia’s former second president. It was built on the initiative of Madame Tien Soeharto, the wife of Soeharto. On August 23 1993, it was inaugurated by former president Soeharto. It is designed like the shape of tumpeng, a traditional Javanese cone-shaped rice, symbol of gratitude.
The Statue of Former President Soeharto with the background of Madame Tien Soeharto behind
Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum is very large, consists of 13.000 collections spread in Struggle Hall, Main Hall, Special Hall, Arthabrata Hall and Library. It also has the second floor which displays another historical artwork collection.  I couldn’t explore all of the parts since the museum is huge and I may get lost and I have my own plate to do an observation task. The students are divided into groups and I was in the 12th group. I met new friends from the morning class which most of them were younger than me, I think. Our task was to observe the Batik collection. It is located on the second floor which there was also another kinds of fabric for Kimono from Japan, Hanbok from Korea, Tenun from Indonesia and so on. During the observation, I just knew there were many kinds of Batik. They come from many regions and they are made with meaningful motives. We're not allowed to take many pictures of artworks so i had to do the snapshots silently :3

Ceramics and Clay Artworks in The Woody Cupboard
Ancient Bed! It does seem so cozy 0_0
Traditional Music Instruments of Indonesia

Batik Cirebon with Various Motives

Batik Madura with  Coast Elements Motive and Brave Colors
I love the Red Prawns motive!

Batik Surakarta (Solo) Kain Panjang multi-function
It can be used as a blanket, to carry a young child or any object, as swaddling cloth and hammock to lull a baby to sleep

Batik Surakarta (Solo) with Various Motives and Brown Color

Batik Besurek From Bengkulu with Arabic Caligraphy Motive

Another collection of Batik kept in woody wardrobe
After observed, we had to answer the questions we were given before and made it as a speech that someone from our group would do it. The best speaker would like to receive any prize! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it XD Bu it wasn’t a matter since we have worked together (and talked a lot) very well. Finally, we finished the class, took some pictures, had lunch together, went back to college, then I went home after bought two lasagnas for IDR 26.000 (yes, promo price!) at Seven Eleven :3

Me (the second from left), my classmates and some girl friends from the morning class.
The Crystals Collection!*0* I wish i could keep even just the little blue one lol
Me (left) and all of my classmates after outing class
We didn’t do much that day but it was tiring and fun! I've learnt some of Indonesia's heritage. You must come and see the museum (especially the crystal *_*) Tell me, how was your first outing class?


I really appreciate comments and questions. Thank you so much :-)