Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Month of Being Absent

I'm sorry for not posting any good thing lately. Somehow homeworks and jobs didn't let me stay here for a while, which is sucks. Yeah, i'm stucked. However, i have prepared two posts that i'm gonna set the date back before this post.

I'm also having a recovery time from being collapsed about one week, after holding on with sore throat and heavy flu and oh not you again PERIOD.

I'm just too lazy to see the doctor -_-

May is coming and i need to get well very fast.

I've been "collecting" mask because of it.

Ugh, anyone wants to make a tea for me?


  1. Where did you get that mask? I wish for having one. Teehee~~

    1. Hello :) Too bad you didn't write your name. I hope you have clicked 'notify me' button. I got the mask from an accessories store in Jakarta. They usually sell such a cute and pinky things, but this mask is different!


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