Monday, April 20, 2015

What A Doomed Hectic Schedule

In an ashy empty room,
At the corner, I'm a gloom.
Imagining a wonder land of mushroom,
This pity life feels like the doom.
*doomed feeling*
Holy cat! Twenty four hours a day seem never enough that I sometimes wish for. What I really need is a plenty of time to look for some Gothspiration and write more about Gothy stuff or another product review and other things. The good thing is I'm trying to be able again to work on the drafts left on this abandoned blog. :(

This is truth, these days never let me do something peacefully alone. Nine hours of working, four hours of studying, another hours of doing household, homework and whatnot, and the hours left for a lacking sleep. Since when did a privacy become so expensive?

OK now cut that crap. This site is not for sighing. *put the collars high*

Lately I found myself exploring culinary stuff around Central Jakarta and West Jakarta, so I had been trying various yummy dines with my boyfriend during the college vacation. This thing makes us gain weights about 4-5 kilograms.. How much is it in pounds? xD

Now, the vacation was over which means I'm back into the college life, facing the papers for mid-term exam and being organized in the students organization of English major. I should write about this here.

The life of Corp Goth won't just end, it is about to be continue... Wish me luck (and some health) ! :)

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