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Korea Fever: Get to Know 2NE1

Whoaa I had so many things to do and I haven’t made any good draft but this. Anyway, I don’t really listen to K-pop but I just found out that there’s a girl band from South Korea interested me so much. Unlike the other girls band I have seen, they are known with their Goth-ish, cool, trashy, kinda fetish, being creative of color mixture, sexy but sweet appearance. Well, they have nothing to do with the Gothic subculture, or maybe they only see the fashion, of course. I doubt they know more about it, no offense. They are totally no Goth, but adding some dark aesthetics to – you can say – their K-pop style is good way to create strong characters. To be honest, I’m a little inspired by the way they dressed up, and the way they dance.

Oh, Misfits!

Clockwork: CL - Dara - Minzy - Bom
I love them, because I remember I used to do dance in groups. If somebody asks me to join a club then I’d like to try to dance again. I love them, because they are unique, and I think some of their songs are not bad to be claimed Goth-friendly like Kerli’s. But that’s just me. I could be wrong anyway… Trad Goths may be not happy to know this scene.

There are reasons why I like them:
1. Fashion Icons
Seeing what they wear is always crazy but classy, bold but beautiful, sexy but sweet, confident and cute. I have no idea if any shop sells the clothes like they wear. If they are on the sale, I would like to get it, somehow, and end up knowing no good place to show off.

2. Their Struggle
I looked for as much as I could about them, then I knew that they had a big sacrifice. Like Minzy, sad but true, she had to leave her latter education when she was 15 years old to join 2NE1. The members worked very hard from the very start until they become what they are right now. The term “work hard, play hard” suits them well.

that unicorn!

3. The songs and lyrics
I think their songs are mostly about love, for sure, encouragement, self-confidence, asking people to cheer up, or if uncle Pitbull was with them, maybe he would like to shout “Dale!”

The first song I listen is I Am The Best. My lately favorite songs are Clap Your Hands, Lonely, and It Hurts. Click the titles to read the lyrics. They are written in Korean with some sentences in English. Watch the videos and you’ll be enjoying.

I Am The Best

Clap Your Hands


It Hurts

My favorite video goes to It Hurts because of the unusual background, something beautiful than Halloween drama. The first time I saw the video, I ignored the lyric because it’s all sung in Korean lol. Overall, it’s unique! Then the second is Clap Your Hands. It’s great if you want to shake your body when nobody’s watching. I want to try their dance, ha XD

Screenshot of It Hurts Music Video

4. Lovely Members
There are two members who took my interest on their style. They are Minzy and Park Bom. Minzy is the maknae, the title for the youngest member. She is the dancing queen, she takes the rap part, and guess what? She is obsessed with Gundam and Chopper from anime One Piece!

Short profile of Minzy

Name : Minzy
Real Name : Gong Minji / Kong Min Ji
Position in Group : main dancer, rapper
Birth Date : January 18 1994
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 161 cm
Bloodtype : O
Latter formal education: Suhkang Elementary School
Agency : YG Entertainment

  • Minzy is found by YG Entertainment in 2005 from her dancing video uploaded on the internet.
  • She is a christian. 
  • She loves listening to music. 
  • She can speak Mandarin and Japanese. 
  • Minzy is the grand daughter of the legend traditional Korean dancer, Gong Ok Jin. 
  • Minzy had been trained for 5 years by YG Entertainment before joined in 2NE1. 
  • She can do the breakdance.

Click links below to see more Minzy’s selca pictures. She has a lot of selfies.

Bom is like an Asian Barbie. I can’t believe she is gonna be 30. WOW.

Short profile of Park Bom

Name : Bom (Nicknamed Bommie)
Real Name : Park Bom
Position in Group : Lead Vocal
Birth Date : March 24, 1984 Birth
Place : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 165 cm
Bloodtype : AB
Latter Education : Lesley University
Agency : YG Entertainment

  • When she was in 6th grade, Bom left Korea and moved to United States for study reason 
  • Bom loves Mariah Carey so bad 
  • At first Bom didn't get permission by her parents to enter the music world, but she silently moved to the music major from Psycology major, with her aunt help. 
  • Bom is a christian 
  • Bom can play piano, cello and flute 
  • Her hobby is listening to music, she even forgot her lunch when she was listening to Mariah's 
  • She can speak English and Japanese 

Another source:
Count Down 2ne1
Minzy profile
Bom profile
CL profile
Dara profile

 Do you like K-pop? Do you like them too? Do you like dancing?

P.S. : I write this because I like their performance, appearance, relationship with the fans and some of their songs, which doesn’t make me completely as a blackjack. But if you consider me as the one, I don’t mind, it’s all up to you, readers.

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