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Review Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze

I was looking for a duo eye shadow with nude colors for everyday look or lighter smokey make up. Then, I saw an Oriflame catalogue, and I didn’t know why I always like checking catalogues, the pictures seems attractive to me even though my wallet content wasn’t attractive enough :P

Source: Oriflame
Another shades available are Pretty Green, Green Fushion, Downtown Grey, Iced Purple, Lady Lilac, and Blue Edge. You may visit Oriflame website to see the color.

This time is Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow from Oriflame Very Me collection. There are seven (7) duo color choices and I picked Cocoa Glaze, the brown ones. Actually I have bought it months ago, so you can see the pictures, the packaging already became a little dull. It came with a little practical compact contained 1.9 grams of eye shadow with no applicator provided in it. The ingredients list was attached at the top of the lid. The sticker placement was kinda annoying, but thanks for telling me the ingredients, since you rarely tell what your products were made of which make us have to check your website, Oriflame J

My duo eyeshadow

Here is the ingredients list

There is also the expired date

As the name given to the color, Cocoa Glaze represents the color of chocolate. The lighter brown is shimmery, while the darker is matte with a little bit shimmer. However, the colors don’t really show up as similar as what you can see in the palette, which maybe caused of the smooth and powdery texture. That’s why you need a primer or eye makeup base in this case.

Up: Colors with flash
Down: Colors without flash

Swatches Up: No primer, without flash-with flash
Swatches Down: With primer, without flash-with flash

I personally love the colors! I think I made a right choice. It’s good enough for the daily make up. You can get the eye shadow by contacting Oriflame member. The actual price is IDR 65,000, but I always buy Oriflame’s stuff at discounts. Remember Mama Yuri said: Discounts save your life and your wallet.

  • Cheapy cheap, if there is a special offer price.
  • Pretty colors
  • Good choice for natural look or simple smokey brown make up
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Good staying power; about 5-6 hours with primer, 3-4 without primer.
  • May be used as a nose and face contour or on brow bones.
  • There is a bit fragrant if your sense of smelling is quite sensitive

  • The colors aren’t pigmented without primer
  • The actual price may be too pricy
  • The texture may be chalky
  • Didn’t come with applicator (however, there are people who prefer buy it separately)

Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze may be suitable for person who:
  • In a hurry and do make up on the way.
  • Likes natural make up (everyday look).
  • A beginner user of eye shadow.
  • Likes travelling, it won’t take much place!

Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze may be not suitable for person who:
  • Doesn’t like chalky or powdery texture.
  • Doesn’t like applying primer or make up base.
  • Prefers the very pigmented eye shadow.

Here’s how I looked like with Cocoa Glaze (also with another 'supports'):
Eye shadow: Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy, blended with Bless Eye Shadow in Black
Eyeliner: simple liner of Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner
Primer: Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Complete Barrier
Possibility of repurchasing: No, I’m interested with another product.
Product rating: 4 of 5 black roses~

Disclaimer: the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

What is your favorite eye shadow from those seven color choices?


  1. This will make a great gift! :)

    1. That would be nice, but i'm afraid it may turn someone off >.<


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