Saturday, July 26, 2014

Poem Post #2 : Insomnia

(c) 2014 Katarina Yuri

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I can't sleep
Just can't sleep well
Something that haunts me
Following me to bed
The eyes won't compromise
Scared of those monsters
Watching me sleep behind
I say, "I am fine."
The body is exhausted
How craving soul wants to rest
But the heart won't stop beating
While the brain still imagining
Again, the creatures are coming
Floors and doors make creaked sound
As the wind blows freeze
I am freezing
Can't think what will appear
A tree grows a rotten pear
How my eyes feel the fear
Wandering the night
Hope to dream about the knight
In the dark he fights
For dream and darkness are all collide
I can't rest
Just can't rest well
A crowned heart hurts
How the monsters bleed it first
That's when the heart is dying
Finally stops beating
Now I can sleep
Me and knight live in freed

NB: You are allowed to copy this poem after my permission and don't forget to give credit to my blog.

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