Monday, August 4, 2014

When The Coloring Books Are Corrupted

Let’s go back into the moment that some of us were younger as children in the kindergarten. We played, we doodled, read and wrote everything and… color our drawing book. Didn’t you think it is funny when you give all the leaves with blended colors like chameleons, and when we grow up we think that they are mostly green, red, yellowish gold and black (if they are dead), then we wonder where our imagination have gone?
That is when we were children. What if adult people with their incredible creativity are doing those coloring books? Will it all be the same like the children do? The results may have been changed too far from what the children are supposed to do. It is called coloring book corruptions!

Winnie the (evil) Pooh?

If you can’t read the corrupted caption, it says ‘And that he should love kill his neighbor as himself.”

The person who did this really use her/his imagination

Bed time, or is it a bad time to go bed?

Does she really ignores them?

Ooh… E.T X-ray

It is titled “Deadliest Catch”

Well, well… Whose blood is that?

I feel sorry for her.

I don’t know they joined. LOL

My favorite, The Painter

The first three pictures are sourced here 

Thanks to for all those great artworks. Long live creativity!


  1. Oh I know these! These are awesome!

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