Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Gender Roles

1. How are you stereotypically female?

I like beauty and fashion stuff mostly in eclectic way (got that word from a reader’s comment and it suits me well) and some in general. I can spend hours in a boudoir. Luckily, I can sing with mezzo soprano ranged voice which is impossible to fake my voice like a male.

2. How are you stereotypically male?

I live in an environment where girls adores K-POP so much, that they think “rough” music is just for men, so I guess they think I have men’s music taste. Hey, I also share shirts with my brother. He knows I hate pink. Shopping centre is definitely not my thing.

3. What parts of you do you consider unclassifiable as either gender?

Creativity, open mind, introvert.

4. Do you think you are primarily male, female, or neither in characteristics?

Technically and psychologically, I’m a female with manly hints.

5. If you could be born as any gender, knowing the gender prejudices as they are now, which would you used to be?

Sometimes I wish I was a man for foolish reasons, like Trystan said, I wonder how it feels like to do the standing pee, also not experiencing PMS. LMAO. However, I am grateful for as what I was born, proud to be a woman yay!

Questions are culled from The Friday Five on LiveJournal , and I got them from Trystan L. Bass of This Is CorpGoth

What I was wearing: red top and vintage long beige skirt with buttons, got them both from my mom when she was 17 :p

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