Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem Post #3 : Tug O' War

Tug Of War
(c) 2014 Katarina Yuri

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Here I tell you one game
You see, you choose not to care
The game of struggle
The real tussle
I pull, no, they grasp me,
no, they are pulling all of me
Back and forth
Light and darkness between
Don't know which side I'm in
They got me on lockdown
Oh, cursed ropes, give me frown
I linger in the muddy line
You see blood drains,
tears in vain, is it fine?
"Cut the body in two,
Don't forget the heart too."
Amputation, avulsion
Do it with no emotion
Tearing me apart, to know I've tried
If this is for hope and pride
As the tugger I am
Oh, cursed ropes, give me the best grin
So, tell me... Who's winning?

NB: You are allowed to copy this poem after my permission and don't forget to give credit to my blog.

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