Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze

I was looking for a duo eye shadow with nude colors for everyday look or lighter smokey make up. Then, I saw an Oriflame catalogue, and I didn’t know why I always like checking catalogues, the pictures seems attractive to me even though my wallet content wasn’t attractive enough :P

Source: Oriflame
Another shades available are Pretty Green, Green Fushion, Downtown Grey, Iced Purple, Lady Lilac, and Blue Edge. You may visit Oriflame website to see the color.

This time is Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow from Oriflame Very Me collection. There are seven (7) duo color choices and I picked Cocoa Glaze, the brown ones. Actually I have bought it months ago, so you can see the pictures, the packaging already became a little dull. It came with a little practical compact contained 1.9 grams of eye shadow with no applicator provided in it. The ingredients list was attached at the top of the lid. The sticker placement was kinda annoying, but thanks for telling me the ingredients, since you rarely tell what your products were made of which make us have to check your website, Oriflame J

My duo eyeshadow

Here is the ingredients list

There is also the expired date

As the name given to the color, Cocoa Glaze represents the color of chocolate. The lighter brown is shimmery, while the darker is matte with a little bit shimmer. However, the colors don’t really show up as similar as what you can see in the palette, which maybe caused of the smooth and powdery texture. That’s why you need a primer or eye makeup base in this case.

Up: Colors with flash
Down: Colors without flash

Swatches Up: No primer, without flash-with flash
Swatches Down: With primer, without flash-with flash

I personally love the colors! I think I made a right choice. It’s good enough for the daily make up. You can get the eye shadow by contacting Oriflame member. The actual price is IDR 65,000, but I always buy Oriflame’s stuff at discounts. Remember Mama Yuri said: Discounts save your life and your wallet.

  • Cheapy cheap, if there is a special offer price.
  • Pretty colors
  • Good choice for natural look or simple smokey brown make up
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Good staying power; about 5-6 hours with primer, 3-4 without primer.
  • May be used as a nose and face contour or on brow bones.
  • There is a bit fragrant if your sense of smelling is quite sensitive

  • The colors aren’t pigmented without primer
  • The actual price may be too pricy
  • The texture may be chalky
  • Didn’t come with applicator (however, there are people who prefer buy it separately)

Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze may be suitable for person who:
  • In a hurry and do make up on the way.
  • Likes natural make up (everyday look).
  • A beginner user of eye shadow.
  • Likes travelling, it won’t take much place!

Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze may be not suitable for person who:
  • Doesn’t like chalky or powdery texture.
  • Doesn’t like applying primer or make up base.
  • Prefers the very pigmented eye shadow.

Here’s how I looked like with Cocoa Glaze (also with another 'supports'):
Eye shadow: Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy, blended with Bless Eye Shadow in Black
Eyeliner: simple liner of Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner
Primer: Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Complete Barrier
Possibility of repurchasing: No, I’m interested with another product.
Product rating: 4 of 5 black roses~

Disclaimer: the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

What is your favorite eye shadow from those seven color choices?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Outfit Post #2: Lacy Blouse

I was so glad knowing my mom gave me a lacy blouse one night before i went to bed. She said she remembered me when she saw the blouse at a local store for tyical reason, if you know what i mean. Mother is the best thrifting master! LOL

Basically it looks like a black overall blouse with black and grey lace and white long sleeve. The lower part covers my tummy perfectly, so i can eat freely, ha XD It is made of polyester and cotton blend, i guess.


I often wear my plain black pants for simplicity reason. Black goes well with every colors, right?

Just do the fucking whatever pose...

Lace Detail
 I rarely do anything on my hair but some highlight.. :D

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where is Father Gofo, The Mexican Metalhead Priest?

I didn’t remember where I first saw the news, but this figure makes me wonder what on earth he is thinking. From Saltillo, Conhuila, Mexico, Adolfo Huerta Aleman aka Father Gofo is far away from the usual priest you see on Sundays at Catholic church. His rocker appearance makes him like another metal-heads but works as a priest. My question certainly is: How come? Is it his way to make a church revolution? Could working as a priest be his odd hobby?

“Faith isn’t just checking a card and going to church," Adolfo said. 

He has many titles given by people who like him: A Che Guevara priest, the motorcycle priest, metal-head priest and so on. He visits bars, he has the wall room attached with sexy picture, smokes, swears, tells joke during the sermons, drives motorcycle and joins a club called the Blackwings and he is “open”. He even has a facebook and twitter account (it’s not a sin course). Well, you can tell it’s a revolution since he said that his mission is to bring the gospel up-to-date for the 21st century, definitely with his own way. Man, he likes breaking the rules of Catholic priests.

Father Gofo was born in a religious family. Maybe that’s behind the reason he chose the religious job. Once he thought about military, being a policeman, a firefighter, even a teacher, but finally he “entered” the church. However, he didn’t want to leave anything he is attached to. Seems like rock culture is in his blood. He dyed his hair, wears skull rings (Why hello there skulls!) and bracelets in church, even referenced rock songs during mass.

It may not work very well with the conservative people, but with his “open” attitude could approach the inaccessible member to the church. Indeed, it all brings him to a massive pressure as the threats and critics come. The regional bishop, Raul Vera Lopez saw his struggle of his own uniqueness, trusted and supported him for the human rights reason.

People say room reflects someone personality, so does Gofo. His teenager-look-like room is filled with kinds of books including Sigmund Freuds, futuristic novels, comics, magazines, newspaper, Liturgy of The Hours and the Bible he won’t forget. There are also heavy metal and alternative rock CDs (Guess what? He listens to Marilyn Manson! Does Aunt Jillian know this?), posters of Che Guevara, Batman, and women with their “assets” which is clarified that he’s just an admirer of the female body and there’s no filthy thought of them. However, he thinks Playboy is a “goodread”.

His people-think-he’s-an-evil-priest attitude is actually a great point to show he is a good person, according to the fact that he’s able to bear with the dangerous places where no one else dares enter, get connected with young people at the places they socialize like in parties and bars. He even works with HIV-positive patients and sex workers as an activist for social causes, while sad but true, people who are in the church looked more ignorant. Father Gofo believes that church needs to be closer with people, especially the young ones, and understand their reality. At this point, I do agree with Father Gofo.

It is him stated on reuters:

"There is more communion at barbecues, at parties, at bars. When you arrive at those gatherings and places, people greet you, they hug you, they ask you how have you been. When you arrive at church, nobody notices each other and they only shake hands when the priest tells them to do so.”

"I strive for an adult faith, more humane and reasonable. We must demystify faith, the priestly figure people think who won’t smoke or dance, when reality is different. We have to accept the differences and preferences of the others without condemnation. We have to be free and we have to rationalize faith in order to find God everywhere."

And like the reuters blogger said, “I realized that priests are not necessarily semi-angels but real humans with a deep desire to help others.”
What i’m sure people – especially Indonesians will be hardly understand that he doubted the existence of God. Well, it’s my thought from a view as an Indonesian. It is slightly against my country culture, since Indonesia is quietly sensitive about religious issue and yet a conservative country, and there are mudslinger wolves inside the sheep’s clothing making any controversy. So it is important to pay attention carefully to his saying in an interview about the FAITH, "I cling to faith as a motivation for meaning of life, not as much as a God or a religion. If there is no God, I don’t care, my faith motivates me to look for a meaning to improve our relationships. This will help me to be a better human being."

What do you think about Father Gofo?
Do you know where he is?

P.S: I don’t expect any violence contaminating my commentary feature. I’m not trying to say anything bad about religion. Man, I assure you it’s not about the end of earth. What I really mean to say is about our faith and spunkiness. Dare to be different yay!


I truly admire his mission to help the lost souls out there.
Father, I’m the one of them.. I need help..

My wings are black, aren’t they good?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Korea Fever: Get to Know 2NE1

Whoaa I had so many things to do and I haven’t made any good draft but this. Anyway, I don’t really listen to K-pop but I just found out that there’s a girl band from South Korea interested me so much. Unlike the other girls band I have seen, they are known with their Goth-ish, cool, trashy, kinda fetish, being creative of color mixture, sexy but sweet appearance. Well, they have nothing to do with the Gothic subculture, or maybe they only see the fashion, of course. I doubt they know more about it, no offense. They are totally no Goth, but adding some dark aesthetics to – you can say – their K-pop style is good way to create strong characters. To be honest, I’m a little inspired by the way they dressed up, and the way they dance.

Oh, Misfits!

Clockwork: CL - Dara - Minzy - Bom
I love them, because I remember I used to do dance in groups. If somebody asks me to join a club then I’d like to try to dance again. I love them, because they are unique, and I think some of their songs are not bad to be claimed Goth-friendly like Kerli’s. But that’s just me. I could be wrong anyway… Trad Goths may be not happy to know this scene.

There are reasons why I like them:
1. Fashion Icons
Seeing what they wear is always crazy but classy, bold but beautiful, sexy but sweet, confident and cute. I have no idea if any shop sells the clothes like they wear. If they are on the sale, I would like to get it, somehow, and end up knowing no good place to show off.

2. Their Struggle
I looked for as much as I could about them, then I knew that they had a big sacrifice. Like Minzy, sad but true, she had to leave her latter education when she was 15 years old to join 2NE1. The members worked very hard from the very start until they become what they are right now. The term “work hard, play hard” suits them well.

that unicorn!

3. The songs and lyrics
I think their songs are mostly about love, for sure, encouragement, self-confidence, asking people to cheer up, or if uncle Pitbull was with them, maybe he would like to shout “Dale!”

The first song I listen is I Am The Best. My lately favorite songs are Clap Your Hands, Lonely, and It Hurts. Click the titles to read the lyrics. They are written in Korean with some sentences in English. Watch the videos and you’ll be enjoying.

I Am The Best

Clap Your Hands


It Hurts

My favorite video goes to It Hurts because of the unusual background, something beautiful than Halloween drama. The first time I saw the video, I ignored the lyric because it’s all sung in Korean lol. Overall, it’s unique! Then the second is Clap Your Hands. It’s great if you want to shake your body when nobody’s watching. I want to try their dance, ha XD

Screenshot of It Hurts Music Video

4. Lovely Members
There are two members who took my interest on their style. They are Minzy and Park Bom. Minzy is the maknae, the title for the youngest member. She is the dancing queen, she takes the rap part, and guess what? She is obsessed with Gundam and Chopper from anime One Piece!

Short profile of Minzy

Name : Minzy
Real Name : Gong Minji / Kong Min Ji
Position in Group : main dancer, rapper
Birth Date : January 18 1994
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 161 cm
Bloodtype : O
Latter formal education: Suhkang Elementary School
Agency : YG Entertainment

  • Minzy is found by YG Entertainment in 2005 from her dancing video uploaded on the internet.
  • She is a christian. 
  • She loves listening to music. 
  • She can speak Mandarin and Japanese. 
  • Minzy is the grand daughter of the legend traditional Korean dancer, Gong Ok Jin. 
  • Minzy had been trained for 5 years by YG Entertainment before joined in 2NE1. 
  • She can do the breakdance.

Click links below to see more Minzy’s selca pictures. She has a lot of selfies.

Bom is like an Asian Barbie. I can’t believe she is gonna be 30. WOW.

Short profile of Park Bom

Name : Bom (Nicknamed Bommie)
Real Name : Park Bom
Position in Group : Lead Vocal
Birth Date : March 24, 1984 Birth
Place : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 165 cm
Bloodtype : AB
Latter Education : Lesley University
Agency : YG Entertainment

  • When she was in 6th grade, Bom left Korea and moved to United States for study reason 
  • Bom loves Mariah Carey so bad 
  • At first Bom didn't get permission by her parents to enter the music world, but she silently moved to the music major from Psycology major, with her aunt help. 
  • Bom is a christian 
  • Bom can play piano, cello and flute 
  • Her hobby is listening to music, she even forgot her lunch when she was listening to Mariah's 
  • She can speak English and Japanese 

Another source:
Count Down 2ne1
Minzy profile
Bom profile
CL profile
Dara profile

 Do you like K-pop? Do you like them too? Do you like dancing?

P.S. : I write this because I like their performance, appearance, relationship with the fans and some of their songs, which doesn’t make me completely as a blackjack. But if you consider me as the one, I don’t mind, it’s all up to you, readers.