Friday, September 11, 2015

Epstein-Barr Virus Infection (Week 2)

If you are confused about what happened, make sure you have read the Week 1 first :)

Please don't ask if I'm okay. I've been dead before you just realized that I'm gone, so what you might find is my rotten body. Too late.


Lol jk because better news is brought to you this Caturday :D
*ba dum tss*

I think I've chosen the right antivirus. FYI, I took Acyclovir 400mg at first, then changed it yesterday with Methisoprinol 500mg. The fucking ultimate urticaria starts fading and/or darken very slowly but this time I can see the difference in some body parts so I boost the progress with Acyclovir cream or Gentamicin sulfate and medicated skin powder also to prevent the itchiness. This symptom is what makes me bothered the most, so it should be gone very soon. I've consumed many kinds of anti-allergies and antihistamin like Insidal, Celestamine, Loratadine, Deksametason, even Activated Carbon. I feel less fatigue than before. I can speak with a little opened mouth. Papayas, pears and coconut water help me keep hydrating my lips. My ulcers keep being smaller as I always treat it after eat, yet the gums look fragile enough. I haven't had toothbrush for days. At least I can gargle. :v If miracle does exist, I should be recovered at rate 70-80% tomorrow.

I have them all over ma bodeeeh! Aaaaaa!!

Aaaand duh. If you see this tedious chronology as a complain, you get it all wrong. I'm not complaining. I'm telling facts what I have been through and I appreciate so much you guys who have spent your time reading this pieces of shit. If you are kind of "seeing is believing" people, well I thought I've been using descriptive style so far in my writing so I hope you can optimize your brain usage for some creative thinking and do some research on what we call a technology named google. I'll repost it all perfectly arranged on my blog when I feel much better. Sorry for being sarcastic as I feel unstable during quarantine phase, but I love it. *Hozier-Take Me To Church played*

Let's worship the magic conch shell because at last, I had had my first warm shower. Ululululululu~ X'D It takes conclusion that I don't need to worry about bacteria multiplying anymore, since I've forgot the last time when I was scratching my back while sleeping.

This virus is kinda destructive for your body skin. It was a smooth back T_T

I walked through a path shone by sunlight(Uuuyeaah like Edward Cullen facing the sun scene lol), there I saw clearly all these iritated skin areas are about to remain as brown scars and hence assign me into a playful beauty mission: home skincare remedies for many purposes.
Think it's a good start for today. :)

Subject Y entered the shower room at 07:00 A.M. Cold water fallen on the subject body, soap indicated good cleansing,  sense of itchiness was nil, signs of hives growth wasn't found. Bathing trial successfully done.

Feeling fit enough to breath, I tried my luck to go back finishing my work. I wore mask or kerchief, mittens, arm warmer or hand band, socks, anything to cover the scars in case I got blamed for infecting someone (you know, smartass mouths blabber everywhere :v). I also took sanitizer and medicines I have to take for approximately 2 days more. But hey, what if someone was indeed infected? Haahaaa >:))

I did everything in slow motion. Walking like a snail, having lunch like granny, stepping upstairs and downstairs with heavy breathing (I work at the 4th floor), then sleeping on the desk few times when my eyes and hands were tired of seeing and writing numbers.

It was 5 P.M. , my boyfriend took me home and afterwards I felt the muscles pain come back, not too bad but it hurt enough just to touch myself. It was like fibromyalgia, if you have ever dealt with this kind of pain. I was afraid it would be hurt more, so I went bed much earlier after having a little dinner.

If only I didn't have to work, I would have stayed longer at home.

It happens. Alack, I'm relapsed. The pain kills me that I can't even clap my own shoulder or put my bag (or lighter thing) on my lap. I've been out of medicines from the doctor. I have prepared paracetamol as the analgesic but I don't take it in the end. Come on, 9 days of consuming medical things into your tummy through your throat is surely such a bitter memory. I choose to reduce my conciousness soon. That's all for today.

Good to know that sleeping is the right thing I do to recover at nights (and days during work, I do it when I have to)! The painful parts get warm at first when I'm taking a good rest, then the pain fades eventually since relapse, so my assumption is my body is trying to heal itself without any help of medicine. Cool, that's cool natural mechanism, isn't it? *like I don't know I'm human being* :3

Yes this is the day! Thank god, proudly said by me that I am totally in a good shape - normal shape tbh. LOL. There is no problem in moving body parts - I can walk, run, step upstairs and downstairs like usual and no difficulty in nomnomnom-ing snackies. All I have now is common pimples, fading brown scars, and a great hype of paperworks.

Now we're going to end this with gratitude. *drumrolls*

I can't express more than being thankful to my mom, dad and my boyfriend for treating me nonstop until post isolation. I appreciate the doctor so much who has taken care and given simple advices. Thanks to my high school friends, my college mates, Gramps at Idaho for supporting me, and there is a girl friend from Facebook giving me medical information. Thank you. :D Enough for the drama now let's go back to the habitat! XD

Bitch please, I'm back.

I consciously understand this is not such a heavier disease like heart attack, kidney malfunction, stroke or whatsoever. This is definitely a viral infection which attacks weak immune system that can be treated safely at home with proper medical care and less contact from the outside, or else, it can sentence anyone to uglier disease. Most adults have EBV in their body with or without realizing it - it may include you. I've ever had problem with this virus a year ago and it transformed into mononucleosis infectiosa. Once it attacked your body, the virus lives in your body in inactive status (in other words, it sleeps in one of your body cells), and there is big possibility for being reactive until your immune system weakens again, and you never know what disease it will create. When one is treated not in a hospital, it doesn't mean that the causes are trivial. Never underestimate any virus and disease.

The DIY tips for curing EBV infection is summarized enough here.
I forgot the source, but you can search it on google,

Additional info:
What I had had at all (I mean the allergy reaction) may be called Anaphylaxis (click here for Bahasa Indonesia)


  1. Aww, I feel for you. <3 I once had a herpes virus outbreak on my upper torso and it was excruciatingly painful. I was bed ridden for weeks. I think valacylovir was what I used and it helped a lot. Hopefully yours will never return, just keep your immune system at its best!

    1. Eeek I hate how herpes virus infected body skin. Did it leave scar on your torso? I hope the same thing for you, I'm trying my best. Thank you :)


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