Friday, October 30, 2015

Outfit Post #7: Rocktober


I am pleased to know it is a throwback of friendly day to work and go out for fun. No rain still, no heavy wind, no extreme heat, all the clouds chillax. ... or maybe it is just because I am in the air-conditioned room.


Not an unusual look for me but still seem nice, lace blouse is such a nice choice to put on with black denim bolero to give some rock style for rocking this Satnite ahahah. :D


Talking about lace, it is easy to take care in my opinion, since lace must be washed by hand with cool water, and I've told you before that I hand-wash my clothes all this time. It is important not to wring it hard to prevent the lace netting from being torn apart, which for some cases it would make clothes look not good instead of being awesome.

Well, some diamonds don't shine.

I'm missing my long hair that I can make a good loose braid for hair styling. However, I am the one who is responsible of being careless to my own hair. I always forgot to use any kind of hair care after shampooing Making a beautiful braided hair is one of great tips when you have a sleek hair.

What I wear (from Top): Thrifted black denim bolero | Thrifted vintage lace blouse | Thrifted black legging.

PS: It was taken on February 2014

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  1. Love this outfit. I have the same trouble with lace getting caught and tearing sometimes in the washing machine. I might switch to hand washing me lace pieces.


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