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Absurd Culinary: Fish & Co. Central Park Jakarta

Time for Flashback Friday!

On google, I have seen some reviews for this dining place in Bahasa Indonesia, so it comes to my mind like, why don't I just write in English? Hey, I'm reasonable for this: practicing my skill. :D

I and bf likes trying some dishes we have never tasted before when we go out for date. Shopping is not really my thing (also not his thing haha) and not all movies are interesting for us to watch. Therefore, culinary stuff is a wonderful choice to enjoy the time, either it's heavy meal, snack or beverage. Why do we look for vacant seats while we have free place to sit and chit chat and have fun with food?p I think that's why we weight gains from. But... but those menus are tempting sometimes! *blaming food* X'D

We went to Central Park without a certain decision what to eat. Before the day, we have had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market for few times. Even though it didn't make us bored, we saw a similar kind of dish served in a resto called Fish & Co. and there we tried new dishes for the first time.

Waiting for the dishes :3

Fish & Co. is a casual styled restaurant that serves fresh seafood with their slogan "One bite and you're hooked!" We were wondering if we're gonna be "hooked". Hmm...

The Best Fish & Chips In Town IDR 85,000

Fish & Chips
Served in a pan, this was my evening meal, fish & chips made of dori fish fried with flour and bread crumbs combined with fries and lemon cut. The waitress also gave me mayonaisse and chili sauce. The crumbs were crunchy, and the fish was so tender it melted on my mouth, yet it was a little bit salty. Yellowish sauce over there? I thought that was melted cheese. It had no taste on my tongue, maybe it was blended in when I chewed the dori. Oh, those fries are tasty enough and added better flavour with sauces. I didn't do anything with the lemon so I just left it stay on the pan lol.

Shrimp & Clam Aglio Olio IDR 79,000

Aglio Olio
It was my bf choice. Aglio Olio - or simply said pasta stirred up with fresh shrimps and clams. The waitress said it was spicy (that was the reason why he chose it) but not really, since it only used chili powder. He asked her for more chili and told me to taste if it was spicy. It was red, but actually not gonna burn your tongue. 

Blackcurrant Tea (Free Refill) IDR 28,000

Iced Tea!
Iced fruit-flavored tea was a sweet match to refresh our tongues after tasting seafood. It was served in a big glass without handle, which I thought the glass was small like I use at home lol. The flavor reminded me of a tea bag brand... or maybe they really use the product? Lol.

Service : 9 / 10
Taste     : 7 / 10
Place     : 8 / 10

It was a good enough dining experience there. If you ask whether we will come back more often, we still prefer going to the previous resto (the first I have mentioned, remember?). However, I couldn't agree more about the generous portion!

Last pictures and done ;D

They have menu which you can take a look on their web It is good to check if you are willing to eat there so you won't waste your time deciding which one you would like to try. If you're a moslem and look for a good place to eat, you can try it since they claim to be a halal resto.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this stuff. I write this from my truly opinion and I know everyone has different culinary taste, so if you are interested you can go try by your own.

PS: It was taken on November 2014.

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