Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow #02 Purple Storm

Seriously, i'm so happy to be here again after so many hectic moments all over the week. I do hope you really enjoyed your weekend. Yeah, you should be happy for your life.

Ehm, straight to the topic, still talking about duo eye shadow, after the nude one, now i've got the other which is pretty much interesting. It is Silkygirl, one of the well-known brand from Malaysia. The brand sounded new to me since the products are quite rare to get in Indonesia.

The Package

I just like how simple the package is: black bottom, transparant hard plastic lid, an applicator. You may change the applicator if you want, but i think it's soft enough for your eyes. The size is good to carry everywhere, just remember not to drop it. Anyway, i don't know how many available color choices there are.

Back of the package plus the ingredients list

The product is one of eye shadows i've been looking for. It is hard enough to determine my desired color. One, i just want a few glittery stuff and two, i always choose blue or another similar color than pink, exception for lipstick.

The blue side is matte with a little shimmer, the purple is shimmery and more pigmented.

About the pigmentation, it is better than Oriflame (Oops, sorry to say). But still, it needs primer/make up base to bring out the colors and make them stay longer especially the blue one, maybe because it is lighter so you need to apply more than purple shadow. The good thing is you don't have to rub your eyes heavily for removing the colors, it is easy to be wiped off!

Swatches without primer.

I don't have problem with the staying power. It stays normal for my oily lid without primer (about 2-4 hours with/without sweating), and it does stay longer with primer (4-6 hours). Thus, i don't really need a retouch.
I have been wearing it since 8 months ago, and i also have shown the shadow colors for my 2013 Halloween Look.

Oh, one more. You may have wondered why i didn't show my eye wearing it in normal day, because actually i have made a post separately for a tutorial (now it's available, don't forget to click here)!

  • Travel-friendly item (but take care of its package)
  • Wearable every day
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to be removed
  • Good staying power
  • Good pigmentation
  • Suits all skin type (subjective thought)
  • Affordable! Under IDR 60,000,-

  • Only available in some local drugstores and supermarkets.
  • I don't find any. You tell me.

Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Intense Eye Shadow #02 Purple Storm may be suitable for person who:
  • In a hurry and do make upon the way.
  • A beginner user.
  • Likes carrying beauty stuff or travelling.

Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Intense Eye Shadow #02 Purple Storm may be not suitable for person who:
  • Doesn't like applying primer/make up base.
  • Prefers the more pigmented colors.

Possibility to repurchase: maybe yes
Scores: 4,5 out of 5 black roses

Do you wear another color choice? What do you think about this eye shadow?

Disclamer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. The colors are like sweet candy mint! Anyway, can I purchase it online?

    1. Sure they are! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
      I am not sure if this product is available to ship worldwide, sorry :(


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