Thursday, May 15, 2014

This is CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Report: Office Make-Up Style

I made this post due to join the mid-month status report created by Trystan L. Bass of This is CorpGoth. The theme now is your make up style in the office certainly as a rocking CorpGoth. Oh, i should have followed her from yesterdays. No lies, her style is awesome. Hello, Mrs. Trystan. I'm your new reader. Greetings from Indonesia! *waving hands*

Do you wear?
Yup. Even though I work as an accountant, facing computer and papers - not public, I wear make up mostly at work.

How often?
I wear make up every work day.

What kind?
Sometimes I go bold with all-black eyes, sometimes just natural look. The products I use are from various brand. My eyes can be easily swollen and hurt if I sleep late so I can't wear any eye make up regularly (especially bold eyeliner :( ) . Besides, I rarely wear lipstick since I prefer let it pale only with lipbalm. After all, i would never leave home without moisturizer, primer, BB cream and loose powder. Looking flawless (and a bit pale) is the best appearance for me, teehee..

My make up routine for the work day is like this:
Moisturizer - Make Up Base - Concealer - BB Cream - Eye Shadow - Eyeliner - Loose Powder - Blusher/Bronzer - Lipstick/Liptint/Lipbalm

The part I always miss is concealer and blusher. I'm just too lazy for hiding permanent dark circle except for some particular events, while I use blusher if I think it's necessary.

Here's my look based on the tutorial i've made right here.

Alright, my mid-month status report is done! How's yours?

In the name of black roses,

Katarina Yuri

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