Friday, June 20, 2014

Lifehack : Find A Lace For The Skirt

I don't own many skirts. Once I have the most favorite one, I rarely wear it, and suddenly the beloved skirt changes into smaller size.... or that's me who grows bigger. So when I force my waist to fit in, the skirt lace is fragmented x'D

Am I really that fat?

Well, the lace was made of thin faux leather. No wonder it was very fragile since I found it at local market about 4 years ago. I don't try to find another reason okay :p

I was thinking how to replace the faux leather with something bigger but looking nice. And I got my bulb shining on my head: shoe lace. I have several unused shoe laces in plain colors, which I used to wear at high school.

The shoe lace

Some people may think it is kind of weird to see shoe lace worn on a cloth, but hey, that's what I called being creative.

I choose the bright blue one to make it contrast with the skirt. Just throw the leather, put the shoe lace in the holes, and done!

Don't use any tights because the weather is such a schorcher.

The skirt may seem a bit tight for my belly. Ehm, I've gained 10 kg after high school graduated! Hahahahaha~

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Have you experienced the same case?

In the name of black roses,

Katarina Yuri.

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  1. Awesome! :) Great fix. It's a lovely skirt. Would be a waste, because it looks good on you. :)

    x Dawn

    1. Thank you! :) Oh I didn't own any lace but the one from the old shoe, then I was like, "Why not?" :D


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