Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fringe? Cut, cut, cut!

My hair has grown very long include the bangs! Well, not as long as Rapunzel's though :p I had waited the right time to see any hairdresser for months, but finally, I decided to cut it myself. I did my own style, I didn't have to complain on people who didn't treat my hair properly, I saved my money. Perfect!

It was too long. It could cover the whole face when the wind blew, made me lazy to comb it again. It is very simple. Do it only with a scissor, a mirror, and a comb.


I put an old pages of catalogue at the table to collect the cuts, no need to sweep the floor.

The result is... Tadaaaa~

Bangs cut 2014 lol

Outfit of the day

just got Jack Skellington head pin!

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