Friday, June 27, 2014

Babybat Steps: What to Wear

Being a babybat is such an unforgettable phase to be a Goth. Some say it's the sweetest time, while some say it's the dumbest moment, including me :p Have you ever tried to change over your style and people were like - you saw them, scared (a lot)? I have and it was horrible, couldn't believe what on earth i was thinking about. I just realized it few weeks after i did it xD So for you, ladies who are the new bats in this exceptional world, prepare to make a wonderful shopping list!

New Steps of Babybat

Black top

Let's start from the plain and multifunctional ones. It may be just black or with another color mixture or a picture on it.

Tank Top in Action

The first choice i give you is tank top. I assume every woman has at least one piece. It can be body fit, half-cut or the loose one. Tank top is also great for you who have shoulder tattoo(s), and can cover your cleavage when you wear clothes with low neck line.

Shirts Aren't Worthy Without 'R'

The second choice is very classic: shirts! T-shirts, short sleeves, long sleeves or even band shirts. I guess the coolest is band shirts. But make sure you have worn the "proper" shirt and make it like you tribute your favorite band.

Black jeans and leggings

Rock Yer Feet

Jeans and leggings work well with various style and are comfortable for everyday wear. However, jeans make the legs become too rigid to do any certain activities, while leggings can be more flexible and may be the substitution of stockings/tights to wear with boots. They have their own plus and minus.

Black Shoes

Shoe She Shoe

Boots work well with most of Goth styles. Boots are very great for protecting your feet from the snow and the rain. Too bad currently i don't own any boots yet because i'm still saving my money.
What? You can't wear boots? Oh, right, there are also many Goths who work at the companies or offices and so am i. We aren't allowed to wear platform boots, of course. Don't worry! Flat shoes, high heeled, stilleto and sneakers are good too. If you are into the lolita style, wear flat shoes or maryjane with ribbon attributes.

Black Outer

Be-Dare Outwear

You may need a cardigan, leather jacket or sweater. For you who also live in everyday-is-summer places, you don't have to wear them only for making up your style, but it is important to see the condition in your area first. If you work in an air-conditioned place, i would like to suggest you a jacket or sweater.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lifehack : Find A Lace For The Skirt

I don't own many skirts. Once I have the most favorite one, I rarely wear it, and suddenly the beloved skirt changes into smaller size.... or that's me who grows bigger. So when I force my waist to fit in, the skirt lace is fragmented x'D

Am I really that fat?

Well, the lace was made of thin faux leather. No wonder it was very fragile since I found it at local market about 4 years ago. I don't try to find another reason okay :p

I was thinking how to replace the faux leather with something bigger but looking nice. And I got my bulb shining on my head: shoe lace. I have several unused shoe laces in plain colors, which I used to wear at high school.

The shoe lace

Some people may think it is kind of weird to see shoe lace worn on a cloth, but hey, that's what I called being creative.

I choose the bright blue one to make it contrast with the skirt. Just throw the leather, put the shoe lace in the holes, and done!

Don't use any tights because the weather is such a schorcher.

The skirt may seem a bit tight for my belly. Ehm, I've gained 10 kg after high school graduated! Hahahahaha~

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Have you experienced the same case?

In the name of black roses,

Katarina Yuri.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fringe? Cut, cut, cut!

My hair has grown very long include the bangs! Well, not as long as Rapunzel's though :p I had waited the right time to see any hairdresser for months, but finally, I decided to cut it myself. I did my own style, I didn't have to complain on people who didn't treat my hair properly, I saved my money. Perfect!

It was too long. It could cover the whole face when the wind blew, made me lazy to comb it again. It is very simple. Do it only with a scissor, a mirror, and a comb.


I put an old pages of catalogue at the table to collect the cuts, no need to sweep the floor.

The result is... Tadaaaa~

Bangs cut 2014 lol

Outfit of the day

just got Jack Skellington head pin!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Field Trip at The National Museum of Indonesia (Museum Nasional)

About two weeks ago I was on a field trip in an archaeology museum named The National Museum of Indonesia (Museum Nasional). The other name of it is Elephant Building (Museum Gajah), although it's not an everything-about-elephant museum. It is because of the elephant statue in its forecourt, which was given by King of Siam from Thailand. You may find further information on Wikipedia.

All of the students are divided into small groups and each group was accompanied by a tour guide. She is a member of Indonesia Heritage Society, Sara Moriarty. She led us during the trip to show some pieces of Indonesia's history. Indonesians are taught with English native speaker tour guide? I didn't mean to say anything bad but this was actually an ironic condition lol. But hey, don't get it wrong. The purpose was to encourage us speaking English for more empowering our skill, since we are English students. It was a fun moment you want to go back again.

That day was the first time I visited National Museum. I could see every things from the pre-history to the gold era. If only I had more spare time, I'd like to come again. Besides, there was also a National Library which was my favorite spot to study in high school time. I just realized the building is near the museum! xD

Spacious room for gathering before trip.

Ancient inscriptions.

Ancient compass separated from a ship.

A copy of inscription of Ciaruteun or Ciampea inscription, which is written in Pallawa and Sanskerta character, with footstep of King Purnawarman.

Click to see detail.

Ancient hand-painting.

Ethnic accessories.

Sesako, a traditional decoration behind the bed. Too big for your matress eh?

Meh, with a traditional sedan chair.

A very long woody boat.

Terracotta Piggy Bank of Majapahit kingdom.
Source: Wikipedia

My most favorite category goes to.... *drum rolls*

Arca Shiva Bhairawa (Statue of Adiyavarman as Bhairawa)
The largest artifact of the museum. It is more than 4 meters tall.
Credit: Arie Saksono

Click to see detail
Credit: Arie Saksono

The female human skeleton (Mongolid Human) from Song Keplek, buried with spatula.
I wondered why spatula.

The skull of Homo Wajakensis human plus my reflection on the glass case. Duh.

I thank Sara Moriarty for the guidance!

Another beautiful pictures you can see on this blog
The museum also has official website

Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

I write about facial product again~

After Sariayu Martha Tilaar Busa Pembersih Jerawat, I also have used this facial foam. This time is Pond’s!

I think Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam deserves a review, since the words “Deep Cleansing” sound kinda interesting to me, haha.. Yes, I need the function to clean the rest of makeup before using makeup remover. I have many big pores on my face which sometimes they look like a moon’s surface.

Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam
Why do they say “Pure White” if the tube color is black? Why not just “Pure Black”? I think black stands for the color of activated carbon which is featured on the commercial break video. The activated carbon absorbs the dirt of your skin and your face won’t be dull once it’s cleaned by the foam.

Details - The list of ingredients

The black tube contains 100 grams of gray cream with good scent, and it is not sticky when I put it on my palm. Anyway, it also comes in smaller size, 50 grams. Eh, there is also the expired date on the tube but I didn’t get the part on the picture. It produces many bubbles but it’s so easy to be rinsed off. I’m glad to find out that no zit left on my deep-nose-pores. Always once I ever popped the bubbles and it burst to my eyes, ouch! Avoid your eyes area when applying the foam. Not only this, but every foam you use.

The color of the facial foam
There are many kinds of Pond’s facial foam, unfortunately I don’t remember what they are. Well, you can find them very easily at the minimarket, supermarket, or local store. About the price, don’t worry. It’s good for students la~

Let’s just see the conclusions.

  • You can use it for weeks or even months
  • Cheap! Under IDR 30,000 for both the 100 gr or 50 gr
  • The smaller size would be perfect to be travel item
  • Cleans your face, even the deep pores
  • I think it suits all skin types
  • Smells good
  • Easy to find locally (in Indonesia, especially big cities)

  • I don’t find any bad thing about this foam. You tell me :3

Possibility to repurchase: Yep, but I’m using another brand now *cough cough*
Rate: 5 of 5 black roses

Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam may be good for persons who:
  • Has big clogged pores
  • Always take a bath and dress up in a hurry :p
  • Looking for cheap but great product

This blog is not for judging whether the product suits your skin or not. You need 'trial and error' to know it ;) Have you ever tried this product? How is the result? What’s your favorite?

Disclamer : the product is purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.