Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Outfit Post #4 : White in The Dark

The outfit for working that day was less black, which was different from the way I dressed up. Usually I only wear white for occasional reason like attending an event at church, or doing my final exam at college. People at office asked me about the new appearance and their expression were like, “Where are your black clothes, Yuri? Do you forget to do your laundry?” -_-

Oh, the pictures are taken before my haircut. Actually there are more outfit post drafts with old pictures, hahaha...

What clothes I was wearing:

White shirt, random store | Plain white skirt, random store | Black lace tights, Claire's | Black ribbon flat shoes, random store (unpictured)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem Post #3 : Tug O' War

Tug Of War
(c) 2014 Katarina Yuri

click the picture to go directly to the source.

Here I tell you one game
You see, you choose not to care
The game of struggle
The real tussle
I pull, no, they grasp me,
no, they are pulling all of me
Back and forth
Light and darkness between
Don't know which side I'm in
They got me on lockdown
Oh, cursed ropes, give me frown
I linger in the muddy line
You see blood drains,
tears in vain, is it fine?
"Cut the body in two,
Don't forget the heart too."
Amputation, avulsion
Do it with no emotion
Tearing me apart, to know I've tried
If this is for hope and pride
As the tugger I am
Oh, cursed ropes, give me the best grin
So, tell me... Who's winning?

NB: You are allowed to copy this poem after my permission and don't forget to give credit to my blog.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Gender Roles

1. How are you stereotypically female?

I like beauty and fashion stuff mostly in eclectic way (got that word from a reader’s comment and it suits me well) and some in general. I can spend hours in a boudoir. Luckily, I can sing with mezzo soprano ranged voice which is impossible to fake my voice like a male.

2. How are you stereotypically male?

I live in an environment where girls adores K-POP so much, that they think “rough” music is just for men, so I guess they think I have men’s music taste. Hey, I also share shirts with my brother. He knows I hate pink. Shopping centre is definitely not my thing.

3. What parts of you do you consider unclassifiable as either gender?

Creativity, open mind, introvert.

4. Do you think you are primarily male, female, or neither in characteristics?

Technically and psychologically, I’m a female with manly hints.

5. If you could be born as any gender, knowing the gender prejudices as they are now, which would you used to be?

Sometimes I wish I was a man for foolish reasons, like Trystan said, I wonder how it feels like to do the standing pee, also not experiencing PMS. LMAO. However, I am grateful for as what I was born, proud to be a woman yay!

Questions are culled from The Friday Five on LiveJournal , and I got them from Trystan L. Bass of This Is CorpGoth

What I was wearing: red top and vintage long beige skirt with buttons, got them both from my mom when she was 17 :p

Monday, August 4, 2014

When The Coloring Books Are Corrupted

Let’s go back into the moment that some of us were younger as children in the kindergarten. We played, we doodled, read and wrote everything and… color our drawing book. Didn’t you think it is funny when you give all the leaves with blended colors like chameleons, and when we grow up we think that they are mostly green, red, yellowish gold and black (if they are dead), then we wonder where our imagination have gone?
That is when we were children. What if adult people with their incredible creativity are doing those coloring books? Will it all be the same like the children do? The results may have been changed too far from what the children are supposed to do. It is called coloring book corruptions!

Winnie the (evil) Pooh?

If you can’t read the corrupted caption, it says ‘And that he should love kill his neighbor as himself.”

The person who did this really use her/his imagination

Bed time, or is it a bad time to go bed?

Does she really ignores them?

Ooh… E.T X-ray

It is titled “Deadliest Catch”

Well, well… Whose blood is that?

I feel sorry for her.

I don’t know they joined. LOL

My favorite, The Painter

The first three pictures are sourced here 

Thanks to for all those great artworks. Long live creativity!